How to Clean Towels With LG’s Steam Sanitary Setting

Like many people, you may not wash your towels between each use. And that’s fine–doing so uses a ton of unnecessary water and energy, and towels usually remain clean for several uses. If you want to keep your towels crisp and sanitary between full washes, though, LG has a cool feature in their ThinQ line of smart dryers.

LG’s Steam Sanitary cycle uses super-hot steam to quickly sanitize big items like towels that are already dry or damp-dry. It’s a great option for a quick refresh of your towels between washes.

Steam Sanitary also works great to get rid of any odors your towels might pick up over time. The high-temperature steam gets rid of mustiness fast. Check out LG’s official instructions on how to use the Steam Sanitary function, and take a look at my video demo above.

How I use Steam Sanitary

Personally, I use this as a fast way to super-clean towels that are already essentially clean and relatively dry. I find that Steam Sanitary doesn’t necessarily work as a drying setting to dry towels or other items that are still very wet, but if you use it on damp-dry items, it both cleans and slightly dries them.

As an aside, Steam Sanitary works on other items that you don’t necessarily want to fully wash, like big cotton blankets. Did you dog sit on your blanket and make it smell weird? Steam Sanitary can probably handle that.

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