Review of the Xcxpark Photo Mailers

As a professional photographer, I often find myself needing to send out high-quality photo prints on 8.5 x 11 professional photo paper. Pro tip: it’s really easy to send these kinds of photos in a prepaid Priority Mail envelope if you live in the United States. You can even pick one of these envelopes up for free at the post office.

What if you want some extra protection for your photos, though? I find that the priority mail envelopes work well enough, but if someone decides to bend the envelope, your photo could be damaged. For that reason, I like to put my photos inside another rigid photo mailer first and then insert the mailer into the Priority Mail envelope to send out. The double-envelope strategy helps to keep photos safe.

For this, I use rigid photo mailers from Xcxpark. I know, I had never heard of the company either. But their mailers work well for sending out photos.

The mailers are easy to use, provide some extra protection for your photos (or delicate documents, like an award certificate), and are easy for your recipient to open without using scissors, which is important so they don’t mistakenly damage your photos.

The Xcxpark mailers aren’t rigid enough to totally protect your photos if someone aggressively bends the envelope. But still, they do a good job adding that extra bit of protection.

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