EZY Dose Pill Planner Review

Looking for an easy pill planning box, to make sure that you’re taking your medicines on the right schedule? Or maybe you’re a caretaker, and you want to load up medications in advance and make it easy to know which ones are for which day.

The EZY Dose pill planning box is one of the most popular pill boxes out there for planning out your week’s worth of pills all at once.

The box has some major advantages. The lids snap shut and then open with a button, preventing the pills from falling out if the box is casually overturned. It’s recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, though, so the buttons also make the compartments easy to open.

The Ezy Dose pill box covers 7 days of pills, and each day is listed in big type. There are also two compartments for each day, so you can have your evening and morning pills laid out separately. The little boxes are actually not that little. There’s plenty of room in the box for quite a few pills.

This is a great choice if you want an inexpensive, popular, well-designed pill planning box that’s also secure yet easy to operate. You can get the Ezy Dose box on Amazon, and it’s only about $6. If you buy through my link, I may get a commission at no cost to you, which helps to support my writing.

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