How to Safely Scrape Clean Your Instant Pot After a BURN

Just cooked some cheesy rice in your Instant Pot or made a nice Indian curry, and got the dreaded BURN notice? The good news is that in many cases, your dish isn’t ruined. Your Instant Pot will often keep cooking after you get a BURN notification, and your dish will often turn out fine.

It’s the cleanup, though, that can be a huge hassle! Instant Pots get very hot, and they’re quite capable of baking cheese, tomato sauce, or other ingredients into a mush that feels like it’s become a permanent part of your Instant Pot’s metal liner.

Still, you don’t want to scrape away at the pot with a metal spatula or a brillo pad. You might damage the surface. Plus, it’s a pressure vessel, and you really don’t want to do anything to undermine those.

Here’s an easy way to safely scrape off stuck-on food after an Instant Pot BURN message.

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