How to Get $299 Back In the Fitbit Ionic Recall

Earlier this week, Fitbit announced that it was voluntarily recalling every Ionic smartwatch it made between 2017 and 2020. Fitbit is no longer selling the Ionic–it’s since been replaced by the Versa, Charge 5 and Sense–but if you have one of the Ionic, you can send it back to Fitbit and get a full refund on the original MSRP of $299.

Importantly, you don’t need to be an active user of the device to get your refund. If your Ionic is sitting in a drawer gathering dust, you should still be able to get your money back. (It’s unclear if your Fitbit Ionic needs to be in working condition to take advantage of the recall).

Fitbit found that the Ionic could cause serious burn injuries, so it’s important to stop using the device and send it back for a refund if you still own one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Ionic recall.

Getting Your Money Back

To get a full refund under the Fitbit Ionic recall, visit the official recall page:

Fill in some information about where you live, and contact information, as well as your Fitbit account email. Fitbit will walk you through the process of entering your information, depending on where in the world you live (the recall isn’t limited to the United States).

Heads up: you’ll need to agree to a data processing question. Here is the exact wording: “Fitbit may hold your data to meet its legal obligations in the field of product safety, to investigate reported problems and to improve its products. By checking this box, you consent to the processing of your personal data for these purposes.”

Fitbit also says you should remove your personal data from the device before sending it back.

At the end of the process, Fitbit says that they’ll send you a return processing kit within 5 days. With that kit, you can send your affected Ionic back to them. They’ll then process a refund either via Paypal or a Mastercard.

One of our readers also notes that once you put in your refund request, Fitbit will immediately disable your Ionic if you’re still using it. That’s probably why they ask for your Fitbit email address during the recall process.

How Do I Know if I Have a Fitbit Ionic?

Not sure which Fitbit you have? Lots of people run into that same question.

Here’s a photo of my Fitbit Ionic:

The biggest giveaway is the boxy, rectangular screen. More modern Fitbit smartwatches have a screen with more rounded edges. The Ionic also has three buttons, whereas the Versa, Charge, and Sense have either one button or no buttons at all.

For total proof, you can also flip the watch over and look for the little print below the big CE logo. If it reads “FB503”, you have an Ionic.

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