How to Fix a Swiffer Wetjet That Won’t Spray

Swiffer Wetjets are great for cleaning your floors. They’re a much easier alternative to using a traditional mop. The Wetjet had a disposable cleaning pad, a built in bottle of cleaning solution, and a small pump to spray the solution directly onto your floor.

Occasionally, though, you might find that your Swiffer Wetjet won’t spray. This can be frustrating, but in many cases there’s an easy fix.

Here’s what to do if your Swiffer Wetjet won’t spray.

Check the Batteries

The pump on your Swiffer Wetjet is powered by several AA batteries. They’re located in a small battery compartment built into the device’s handle. The batteries last a long time during normal use, so it’s easy to forget that you need to replace them periodically to keep your Wetjet operating.

If your Wetjet won’t spray, it’s possible that your batteries have worn down and need to be replaced. That’s especially likely if the power of your spray slowly decreased before it stopped altogether, or if your Wetjet has been sitting in a closet for a while.

Try swapping out your batteries to see if that fixes your spraying issue. Never let a dead battery stop your cleaning again! Click here to buy long-lasting AA batteries for your Swiffer Wetjet on Amazon and enjoy uninterrupted cleaning power.

Check the Cleaning Solution

The Wetjet has a bottle of cleaning solution in its handle. If the solution has run out or the bottle isn’t seated properly in the handle, it can fail to spray out the nozzles on the front of the device.

Press the eject button on the handle to remove the cleaning solution bottle and check if it’s running low or is loose. Replacing or reseating it may fix your issue.

Clean the Nozzles

If you hear the pump running when you press the button on your Swiffer Wetjet’s handle but nothing comes out (and you’ve already checked the cleaning solution) then the nozzles on your Wetjet might be clogged.

To unclog them, put the Swiffer over your sink and spray the nozzles with a directed stream of water. Make sure not to submerge the pump or the Swiffer’s batteries. You can also try spraying the nozzles with a hose outside.

Scrubbing them with a toothbrush or spraying them gently with a small, pointed object like a toothpick can also dislodge clogs, although there’s more risk of damaging the nozzles this way.

Contact Swiffer

Between these three fixes you can nearly always get your Wetjet cleaning again. If it’s still not spraying after trying each of these solutions, you can reach out to Swiffer.

They have a satisfaction guarantee, and will likely replace your Wetjet for free if the unit turns out to be defective. Done with troubleshooting your old Swiffer WetJet? It’s time for an upgrade! Click here to order a brand new, high-performing Swiffer WetJet from Amazon

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