Simplehuman Code H Liner Review

Simplehuman liners are one of the best options for your trash cans. The liners come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly if you own a SimpleHuman can.

In particular, the Simplehuman Size H liners are designed to fit cans that display an H symbol inside the can, like the dual-compartment recycling can. That’s the one that I personally use in my kitchen.

How the Liners Work

The liners are made of a durable plastic material that is easy to install and remove. To place it in the pail, simply place the liner over the rim, then pull down around the rim. Your liner should fit snugly into place.

To dispose of your dirty liner, lift up on one side until it pops out of its slot. Pull it out completely and pull the included tabs to cynch it up so the trash is contained. Drop it into your residential trash can or your apartment complex’s dumpster.

Advantages of Simplehuman Size H Liners

What are the advantages of Simplehuman Size H Liners?

  • They are strong. The liners are made from high-quality plastic and won’t tear or rip easily. This means that you don’t have to worry about your garbage can liner ripping and spilling trash everywhere when you put it in the can.
  • They work with other cans. The Size H liners are perfectly sized for Simplehuman cans, but in a pinch I often use them with other cans in my kitchen.

The Costs

The liners are a bit more expensive than standard trash bags, but they’re also easier to use. If you made the investment to buy a Simplehuman can (which are pricy themselves), it’s worth the extra expense to get the custom liners.

This is what you want to avoid. Illustration via DALL-E

They should be kept in stock at home so that you can use them whenever needed. They may not be necessary if you only use the bin sporadically or if it’s only used by one person in your house, but otherwise they’re helpful to have around.

Really the biggest annoyance with the liners, aside from the somewhat higher price, is the fact that they can be harder to find that normal trash bags. That’s why I like to buy them in bulk and keep them around, so that I always have a liner available for my can.


Simplehuman Code H liners are a great choice for your Simple Human trash can if you have one. They’re simple to install and remove, and they fit the can perfectly so that it closes properly and is leak-proof.

The only drawback is the price, and the frustration of having to always keep the liners on hand instead of just buying trash bags at the grocery store.

Look for the H Code on your can. Photo by the author.

That said, if you bought a quality can like the Simplehuman dual compartment can, I find that it’s worth it to buy these liners and ensure a perfect fit.

Where to Buy

I like to buy my Simplehuman Code H liners on Amazon. You can get them in bulk so that you always have plenty on hand. Since it’s harder to get them locally at supermarkets, it’s nice to always have a solid number on hand.

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