Using DND Mode On Your Fitbit

If you have a Fitbit smartwatch or tracker, you might see an option called DND mode and wonder what it is. This setting is present on many of the most popular Fitbits sold today.

DND stands for Do Not Disturb. DND mode is a setting that temporarily disables most notifications, reminders, and goal celebrations on your Fitbit device. 

DND mode is useful if you’re doing something important and don’t want your Fitbit to distract you. In some cases, though, enabling it by mistake can be frustrating because it can prevent you from getting the notifications you genuinely need.

Here are all the details about using DND mode on your Fitbit.

How to Enable Fitbit DND Mode

The method for enabling DND mode on your Fitbit depends on what model of Fitbit you have.

On the Fitbit Charge or Luxe, this is the process for enabling DND mode:

  1. Swipe up on the watch face
  2. Find the toggle for DND mode
  3. Press the button to enable it

On the Versa and Sense, the process is a bit different:

  1. Swipe right on the clock face to get into the Quick Settings section
  2. Switch on Do Not Disturb mode from the menu

On the Ace 3 and Inspire 2, the process is even easier.

  1. Press and hold the buttons on the device
  2. Use the button that appears to enable “DND”

Here is a video showing how to enable DND mode on the Fitbit Charge 5 or Luxe.

How to Switch off DND Mode

To switch off DND mode, repeat the same process in reverse. Access the menu on your Fitbit that you used to enable the mode, and make sure that it is disabled. 

Note that sometimes you may enable DND mode by mistake. If you noticed that you are not getting any notifications on your Fitbit, check to see if you mistakenly enabled DND mode. If you did, switch it back off, and your notifications should return.

Problems with DND Mode on your Fitbit

DND mode can be helpful, but it can also present some problems. If you switch it on and forget that you did so, you won’t get notifications. You might miss an alert about an important text message or phone call on your Fitbit.

Enabling DND mode also disables some of the useful functions of your Fitbit. These include:

  • Celebrations when you’ve reached a milestone, such as your daily step goal
  • Reminders to move
  • Certain alarms and timers

If you enable DND mode, make sure to remember to switch it off again if you want to keep receiving notifications.

DND mode stops notifications from buzzing your Fitbit.

When to Use Fitbit DND Mode

Now that you know how to use DND mode on your Fitbit, how should you actually use it? There are lots of times when it might make sense to use DND mode.

Here are a few times to consider switching the mode on:

  • You’re in a quiet setting and don’t want your Fitbit’s buzzing to distract you.
  • If you’re meditating and don’t want to be bothered with notifications.
  • If you get a lot of spam calls and you want spam calls to stop making your Fitbit buzz.
  • If you’re taking a test in school and a buzzing Fitbit could be perceived as you receiving a text message or other communication.

You can also use DND mode when sleeping. Fitbits also include a Sleep Mode that performs many of the same functions as DND mode but is specifically designed to facilitate sleep.

Fitbit DND Mode Vs Sleep Mode

Fitbit’s DND mode and Sleep Mode perform many of the same functions, and both modes are controlled via the same menus on your Fitbit device. However, there are several differences.

Like DND mode, Sleep mode also disables notifications. Sleep mode also does several other things:

  • Switches off the Always On display
  • Reduces screen brightness
  • Disables the function that switches your Fitbit on when you turn your wrist
  • Shows a sleep mode icon

Most people use DND mode when they don’t want to be bothered by their Fitbit during the day, and use Sleep Mode at night or when napping. You can’t enable both DND mode and Sleep Mode at the same time.


DND mode is a great function of your Fitbit that you can use when you don’t want to be bothered with notifications and goal celebrations. Once you’ve done with your quiet time, make sure to switch DND mode back off so that your Fitbit can resume normal operation.

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