How to Order Pizza from Costco

Costco’s pizza is something of a cult favorite. Many people love heading to their local Costco and grabbing one of the giant, inexpensive pies. Is there a way to order pizza from Costco though? Can you have it shipped? Let’s explore.

Can You Order Costco Pizza Online?

Lots of Costco customers probably wish that they could have one of the retailer’s pies delivered to their door. Unfortunately, Costco says that ordering pizza online isn’t possible. They don’t have an online app or a part of their website for food orders and they don’t do delivery either.

If you want a Costco pizza, in other words, you’ll have to come into your local Costco to get one. Unless you can enlist the help of a family member who is heading off to do a Costco run of their own, you’re probably not going to get a Costco pizza delivered to your door.

How to Order Costco Pizza

Just because you can’t get Costco pizza delivered, that doesn’t mean you can’t order it ahead of time. If you’re heading into Costco and you want to have a pizza waiting, you can try calling the number of your local store. Ask to speak to the Food Service Department. You can then place your pizza order over the phone and come to pick it up.

To ensure you have enough time, try to place your order 30 minutes before you need your pizza, or even an hour if the store is busy. Costco can often honor special requests.

Alternatively, you can always buy a frozen pizza and make it at home. Still, it probably won’t be quite the same.

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