Purell Clip-on Sanitizer With Jelly Wraps Review

Especially in these strange times, it’s helpful to have hand sanitizer easily accessible at all times. Purell makes great sanitizer. Since way before the Covid-19 pandemic, they’ve been manufacturing the stuff.

Sometimes, though, it’s inconvenient to have to root around in your purse or diaper bag to find a bottle of sanitizer, especially if you’re trying to clean your hands while on public transit, while out with your kid at a park, or the like.

Purell With Jelly Wraps

That’s where Purell’s mini sanitizer bottles with jelly wraps come in handy. These bottles of sanitizer have plastic holders surrounding them. This lets you easy connect a bottle of Purell to your bag–or anything else with a small hole through which you can thread the wrap.

I like to put one of these on my kids’ diaper bag, and it’s easy to clip one onto a purse, too. It lets you always have some hand sanitizer present, and also lets you quickly access the sanitizer with a snap-off cap.

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