Review of the Fiskars Ergo Hand Trowel

If you want to garden in your backyard or do container gardening, you’re going to need the right tools. Containers, soil, fertilizer, and of course plants are essential. But it’s also important to have a good quality hand trowel that you can use to plant those seedlings, dig out weeds, and otherwise work in your garden. For a great trowel, check out the Fiskar‘s Ergo hand trowel. 

The trowel consists of a thick metal spade. The sides are sharp enough to dig into compacted soil, but not so sharp but you have to worry about cutting yourself. I find that the trowel works great even on my very dense clay soil here in the Bay Area.

Using the Trowel

Connected to the metal spade is an ergonomic plastic handle. It has a rubberized feel, making it easy to hold. There’s even a little indentation into which you put your thumb to get extra leverage.

At the back of the handle is a hanging loop. That makes it easy to hang the trowel on a nail, or on a pegboard in your garage. I keep mine on the garden table outside in my backyard.

Again, this trowel is great for planting smaller plants in your garden. It’s not big enough to dig up a whole bed, or to do massive projects. For basic gardening needs, though, it’s a great fit. If you’re doing smaller container gardening, this is a great item to have in your tool shed as well.

The spade of the trowel is made out of aluminum. That means that it should resist rust indefinitely. It also makes the trowel lighter than it would be if the spade was made out of steel or heavier metal. Some people seem concerned about whether this trowel contains lead. I wasn’t able to find any evidence that this is the case. It seems that the trowel is constructed from plastic and aluminum.

I’m glad to have tried the Fiskars Ergo hand trowel, and I look forward to using it throughout the season. You can get one at Walmart or on Amazon.

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