What Clothes Hangers Are the Best?

Are you upgrading your wardrobe, and looking to buy some new clothes hangers? Maybe you’re trying to consolidate the existing hangers in your closet, and get a bunch of hangers that are all the same kind. If you need to get rid of old hangers, remember to find a way to recycle them.

As you’re looking into new hangers, you’re probably wondering what are the best kinds. There are three broad categories of clothes hangers. Here’s a look at why each one might be the best fit for you.

Plastic Clothes Hangers

Plastic clothes hangers are usually the cheapest option. Many times, you’ll receive these for free along with clothing that you purchase, or that you get from the dry cleaner.

Plastic hangers are easy to manufacture, and the raw materials for them are cheap. The issue with them is that they don’t last very long time relative to wooden and wire hangers, and they can be hard to dispose of. Most people assume that because they’re plastic, they can be recycled. But often that’s not the case.

Plastic hangers also have a slick feel to them in many cases, and that can lead to garments sliding off the hanger if they don’t have a standard neck.

That said, plastic hangers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and that makes it easy to find the right hanger for you.  The hangers are also a good bet if you hang up wet clothing, because they are unlikely to bleed rust or dye onto your clothing. You can usually buy plastic hangers and a big pack from a store like target, Walmart, or online at places like Amazon.

Wire Clothes Hangers

Wire clothes hangers are your classic hanger. These have been around for centuries, possibly longer. Wire hangers are made by taking metal wire and forming it into a hanger shape.

Because wire hangers are made with more expensive metal (usually coated steel), they tend to cost more than cheaper plastic hangers. That said, they also tend to be more durable. Although they can get bent out of shape, it’s easy enough to bend them back, and they rarely snap. That makes them the best option if you’re looking for hangers that will last a long time, or if you frequently travel with hangers and are concerned that they might get bent in your suitcase.

The downside of wire hangers is that the sharp tips of the wire can sometimes damage garments. They can also rust overtime, and some of that rust can transfer to your clothes.  Still, wire hangers are a great option if you want something durable, classic, and still relatively inexpensive. The only other issue with them is that they tend not to come in as many different styles as wood or plastic hangers, which can make them less attractive-looking in your closet.

Wooden Clothes Hangers

Wooden hangers are also classic. They’ve probably been around since antiquity (the first confirmed use was in the 1800s), even longer than metal hangers. The nice thing about wooden hangers is that they are made with natural materials. That means that they can be made more sustainably than either wire or plastic hangers. In some cases, they can even be made out of extremely sustainable materials, like bamboo.

The downside of wooden hangers is that they’re often bulkier than plastic and metal ones. They can also be more expensive, depending on the type of wood used to make them. Wooden hangers can also be relatively slick, which means that your garments may slide off of them in some cases.

To counter this, some wooden hangers feature velvet or felt tips, that can help to protect your most sensitive garments and also keep them from sliding off. These extra features are classy, but make sure not to put wet garments on the felt, or the pigments of the felt might wear off onto the garment.

Which clothes hangers are the best for you?

To recap, plastic hangers are versatile and inexpensive. They are the best but if you’re on a budget, and if you’re looking to replace all your hangers with hangers that have a consistent look. They’re also great if you need specialty hangers for hanging particularly challenging garments.

Wire hangers are the best if you’re looking for durability and a long lifespan. Though they might get bent out of shape, it’s easy enough to bend them back. That makes them a great option if you want your hangers to last a long time. The only issue is that these hangers may not be as attractive looking as other models. Why are hangers are classic, they can also be kind of plain.

If you’re seeking the classiest look, and perhaps the most sustainable hanger, go with wooden hangers or hangers made of another natural material like bamboo. These may not be as durable as the wire option, or as inexpensive as the plastic option. They are, however, attractive, sustainable, and a classic option that has been around for millennia.

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