The Best Applause Button–Press It for An Instant Celebration

Applause buttons make a super fun novelty gift, and are great to use with your kids, in the classroom if you’re a teacher, or even at work.

You can use an applause button to create pretend applause for a make-believe game show, celebrate a correct answer in a quiz game, or celebrate a sale or milestone in the office in a fun and silly way.

My Pick: My favorite applause button is the Trebisky Cheer Button. When you press this battery-powered tabletop applause button, it plays about five seconds of cheers, air horns, and other over-the-top celebrations sounds.

Here’s a video of me using it that also explains some of the best features:

My favorite things about this button are:

  • It’s extremely loud, given its small size
  • The varied sounds are more interesting than just applause. You get an air horn effect that sounds like you’re at a European football game.
  • It’s battery powered and the batteries last for hundreds of presses, based on my testing

Click here to buy the Applause Button on Amazon.

This article contains affiliate links that support my writing. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Trebisky has sponsored me to review other products, but I discovered this cheer button organically and this is not a sponsored post.

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