What Side of the Swiffer Wetjet Pad Goes Down?

If you’re using a Swiffer WetJet, you might not immediately know which side of the pad goes down. Getting this first step right is essential to using your WetJet–do it wrong, and the pad will slip right off.

The answer is that the side of the Swiffer Wetjet pad with one big stripe goes down to the floor, and the two little plastic stripes face upwards.

This is so that the two little strips of clingy material on the back of the Swiffer align with the two stripes on the pad. Once you’ve lined them up and pressed the pad down, you’re good to go!

Here is a video demo of the process that I made to clarify exactly how to install the Wetjet pad:

The big stripe can be different colors depending on the type of pad you’re using – purple for a basic pad, brownish for a wood pad, etc. – but the side with the big stripe will always be facing down towards the floor, and the side with the two smaller strips will always face towards the Wetjet.

To summarize:

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