Will Nespresso Recycle Starbucks Pods?

Many Nespresso users know that Nespresso will recycle your used espresso pods for free. It’s one way that they help to reduce their impact on the environment, even though pod coffee is already better for the planet than traditional drip coffee.

What if you don’t stick to just using official Nespresso pods, though? Will Nespresso still recycle pods from third-party companies, like popular pods from Starbucks at Home?

Yes, you can recycle the Nespresso pods from Starbucks just like the ones that you would get from your Nespresso company.

I’ve been using my Nespresso machine with third-party capsules for years, but if you don’t believe me, take a look at a whole page on the Starbucks website dedicated to recycling their Nespresso pods.

How to Recycle Starbucks At Home Pods

To recycle your Starbucks Nespresso pods, you simply need to order a recycling bag from Nespresso, walk the capsules into your Nespresso boutique, or ship it off to a collection location.

Nespresso will then responsibly recycle the pods for you. Again, you can easily recycle your Starbucks Nespresso pods just like you would the official ones from Nespresso.

Here are the exact steps to follow in order to recycle Starbucks’ Nespresso pods.

Get a Recycling Bag

Start by getting a recycling bag, just like you would if you wanted to recycle Nespresso’s own capsules. You can go to a Nespresso boutique, or call 800 279 3160 to have a free bag sent to you.

For an even easier process, you can order a free recycling bag directly from Nespresso’s website. If you live in New York City, you can even put the pods into your normal recycling bin, since the city has special technology to recycle them.

Fill Your Bag

As you use capsules, fill up the bag with your old capsules. You don’t want to fill it beyond the line on the bag, to make sure it doesn’t overflow. A single bag can hold about 150 Starbucks At Home capsules.

Many people like to keep their bag in the freezer, since this avoids any issues with smells or with moisture building up.

Drop Off Your Bag

Once your bag is full, you have two options to have it recycled.

Go to Nespresso Boutique

If you live near a Nespresso boutique, walking into the store with your bag is the easier way to recycle it. I live near the store in Walnut Creek, California, and you may have one near you, too.

You can use the Store Locator feature from Nespresso’s website to find out if there’s a boutique nearby.

Ship Your Bag In

If you got your recycling bag on Nespresso’s website, the company says “Once filled, you can return this bag at no charge by dropping it off at any UPS drop off location. Service is available in all areas except Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories.”

In other words, you can take the bag to a UPS store or dropoff point to send it back.


There you have it–a simple and environmentally friendly way to recycle your used Starbucks Nespresso capsules. Both companies care about sustainability, and it’s easy to use Nespresso’s services for your Starbucks at Home pods.

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