Can You Use Paper Towels on A Swiffer Wetjet?

A lot of people love to use a wet paper towel with their traditional Swiffer to save money versus using the cleaning pads. I’m a traditional Swiffer user myself, and I can attest to the fact that it works great to clean your floor with a wet paper towel.

Many people who use a traditional Swiffer also use the Swiffer Wetjet. If you have a Wetjet, you might wonder if you can use a paper towel on it. I decided to test that. The results?

Unfortunately, you can’t easily use a paper towel on your Swiffer Wetjet.

Here’s my real-world test video, in which I try to use a paper towel on my Wetjet and fail spectacularly.

This is because the Wet jet doesn’t have any grippers to hold the paper towel in place. Instead, it has velcro-like fasteners that are designed to connect directly to a Wet jet pad.

Unfortunately, these fasteners don’t do a great job of gripping a paper towel, so as soon as the paper towel gets wet, it slides right off. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re trying to clean a large area.

So, if you’re considering using a paper towel with your Swiffer Wet jet, just be aware that it might not work as well as you hope it would. You’ll probably need to buy actual WetJet pads instead.

The good news? There are other ways to save money with your Wetjet. Try my hack to make your own Swiffer cleaning solution for just pennies.

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