Add More Wired Ports To Google Wifi Router

If you have a Google Wi-Fi router, you may be wondering how to add additional wired ports. This is actually a really simple process that only requires a switch.

Switches are generally pretty affordable, ranging from about $30-$50. Once you have your switch, connect one of the Ethernet ports on the back of your Google Wi-Fi router to the switch. Then, use the other ports on the switch to connect your devices with Ethernet cables.

Why Add Ports

This is a great way to have as many wired ports as you need without having to run cables all over your house. Plus, the connection is actually really fast – almost as fast as a direct wired connection. So this is a great solution not only for hubs and devices, but also for multiple computers or devices in an office or media center.

I use this method to connect my Google Wifi router to several devices near my media center. I can connect up a laptop, set-top box, and more via my Google Wifi router without needing to run Ethernet cables from my cable modem.