Google Wifi Wired Connection

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to use a Google Wi-Fi system to add a wired connection in a room other than where you have your modem or router. Google Wi-Fi is a great system for expanding your Wi-Fi if you have a big house, or if your house is older and the walls prevent the signal from traveling.

Remote Wired Ethernet With Google Wifi

Each Google Wifi add-on router has a connection on the back that’s a wired Ethernet connection, so you can plug one into your home’s cable modem, and then put an extra one anywhere else in the house, and it’ll automatically synchronize.

You can then take an Ethernet cable, plug it into the back of the remote Google Wifi router, and connect it to a device. You can even add a switch to connect multiple devices.

Why Google Wifi’s Ethernet Output is Great

This is great if your Comcast or AT&T comes into one room, and you don’t want to have to run Ethernet cables around to other rooms to have a wired connection. It’s also great if you wanted to plug an entertainment system or other non-wifi-enabled device into a wired port without having to physically run a wire all the way from the device to your cable modem.

Again, instead of running lots of cable, you can just set up your main Google Wi-Fi system and then put add-on routers anywhere you want.

Personally, I have one add-on router near my home automation hubs, and another one near my entertainment system. This also works great for sending fast internet from your cable modem to a computer in your home office without needing to run cables.