A Sturdy Plastic Chicken Nesting Box – Review of the Little Giant

If you need a plastic nesting box for your chickens, check out this box from Little Giant. The Little Giant nesting box is perfect for chickens, as it provides a safe and comfortable spot for them to nest and lay their eggs.

The nesting box mounts onto the wall in your chicken shed or coop, and comes with different mounting points. You can mount it onto a solid wood surface or anything else where you can put a fastener. The nesting box is also larger than I expected, which is great for chickens.

I could see using this for smaller birds–like quail–as well. It’s probably too small for turkeys. I use it in my chicken shed with my six hens.

Using the Little Giant

I like that the Little Giant installs directly into the wall of my shed, which elevates it off the ground. There is also a perch on the outside of the box, which gives chickens an easy way to get into the nesting box. The good ventilation and visibility also make it a comfortable spot for chickens to lay their eggs.

My only real complaint is that the plastic is a slippery material for chickens’ feet. To make the box comfier, I line my Little Giant with a nest box liner. I also like to put some false eggs in it.

This is a professional-grade nesting box from Little Giant, and again, it is perfect for chickens. It is a great way to keep your chickens’ eggs safe and protected from pests. The plastic construction makes it easy to wash, too. The box is designed to lift off the wall so you can clean it and put it back in time for your hens’ next visit!

Where to Buy

You can get the Little Giant for a great price on Amazon.