Tessan Plug Expander Review

I recently wanted to plug a bunch of items into a single outlet in my room–an air purifier, a lamp, a baby monitor, and more. I ended up buying a Tessan plug expander.

The Tessan Plug Expander is a great option if you need to plug multiple appliances into a single two-prong outlet. This plug expander turns a two-prong outlet into four plugs, plus two USB ports on the top.

You can buy the Tessan Plug Expander on Amazon.

Here’s my video review:

Using the Tessan Plug Expander

The plug expander is easy to insert into a standard outlet, taking power from that outlet to provide four total plugs. The spacing between the plugs is ideal for plugging in things like lamps, air purifiers, and other appliances. It’s also secure in the wall, so there’s little risk of it popping out.

I’ve tested other plug expanders before, and some don’t feel very secure in the socket–especially when they’re weighted down with lots of heavy power plugs. The Tessan expander feels sturdy and secure.

Cons of the Tessan

My biggest complaint with the Tessan Plug Expander is that it only provides four plugs. It feels like they could use the sides of the unit and allow for six plugs. Adding a net gain of two plugs is okay, but a power strip would add a lot more.

Still, if you only need four items plugged in, then this is a great choice. Plus, the USB ports on the top provide additional flexibility for those looking to charge phones or smartwatches. With these, you might not even need to use the charging brick for your phone or watch, eliminating the need for one of the plugs.

Our Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Secure Fit: 5/5
  • Features: 4/5
  • Total Outlets: 3/5

How We Tested it

I personally used the Tessan Plug Expander in my own home for 20 days. I tested it by plugging in different appliances in my room, as well as trying out the USB ports.

I used appliances that have motors (a Medify Air MA20 air purifier), resistive loads (a lightbulb), and low-voltage power consumption (the baby monitor).

I also tried to dislodge the Tessan plug expander by bumping and lightly tugging it, and confirmed that it stays in place.


Overall, the Tessan Plug Expander is a great option for those needing to plug in four or fewer items. It’s secure in the wall, easy to insert, and provides additional USB ports for added flexibility.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Tessan Plug Expander on Amazon. You can also buy it directly from Tessan.