Is the Fitbit Sense Waterproof? We Dunked it In Water

The Fitbit Sense is a popular smartwatch that’s now on its second version. But before you drop a bunch of money on a fancy smartwatch, you probably want to know whether you can wear it in the shower, take in the pool, or otherwise get it wet.

Fitbit says that the Sense is waterproof. But we never just take manufacturers at their word! To see whether the Fitbit Sense is really waterproof, we submerged it in water.

The Fitbit Sense is waterproof. It will hold up fine to showers, swims, or even underwater activities like snorkeling.

Here’s a video of our submersion test.

Can You Get the Fitbit Sense Wet Every Day?

As our submersion test shows, you can spray water at the Fitbit Sense quite vigorously, and it will still work just fine. It’s a little scary to do this with a pricey piece of electronic gear, but the Sense lives up to its basic claims about waterproofness.

Spraying the Fitbit Sense

Still, that’s just one test. To really be sure, we had our editor Thomas Smith wear the Fitbit Sense for three months, submerging it in water every day. Smith wore the Fitbit Sense in the shower, washed his hands with it on, and even took it in the pool.

The Sense held up fine to all this watery abuse. Getting wet daily for months on end didn’t phase it.

Can you Take the Fitbit Sense Scuba Diving?

Like most Fitbits, the Fitbit sense is rated down to 50 meters underwater. That’s quite deep! You can definitely take it snorkeling, but we wouldn’t take it scuba diving.

The pressure at 150 feet under the surface gets pretty intense. If there’s any existing damage to your Sense, you might get some water leaking in.

Swimming and snorkeling seem fine. For diving, we’d recommend a dedicated diving watch.

More to Know

What Should I Do if My Fitbit Sense Gets Wet?

As with any wearable, if you get your Fitbit Sense wet, you should dry it fully before putting it back on. Otherwise, you risk trapping water between the band and your skin.

Can I Take My Fitbit Sense in the Ocean?

Yes, you can take your Fitbit into the ocean. It will do fine in salt water (we tested this on the beach in Maui.) You should just rinse it with fresh water after you get out of the ocean to prevent corrosion.

Can I Shower with the Fitbit Sense?

Yes, you can shower with it, so long as you use the built-in rubberized band. Avoid harsh soaps or shampoos, and remember to dry it off before wearing it after your shower.


In conclusion, the Fitbit Sense is waterproof, but it is important to dry it off before putting it back on if it does get wet. With this knowledge, you can now feel confident wearing your Fitbit Sense in the water.