Review Of Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan After 5+ Years of Use

If you’re looking for a high-quality fan for your home, the Honeywell Quiet Set fan is an excellent choice. This fan is designed to spread air throughout an entire room, and it does this through a vertical tower that is both quiet and powerful.

I’ve personally used the Honeywell Quietset Tower fan in my home for over five years. It won’t win any design awards, but it’s a powerful, reliable fan that gets the job done.

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

A non-nonsense fan that has been keeping our home comfy for 5+ years

  • Very quiet
  • Good range of fan speeds and settings
  • Top heavy--kids may knock it over
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12/05/2023 03:44 pm GMT

Using the Honeywell Quietset Fan

The fan has several settings to choose from, including the lowest-power setting called “sleep” which is barely audible. This is perfect for those who want to get some air circulation in a room while they sleep without the noise of a traditional fan. Also, if you find the small blue indicator light to be too distracting, you can press a button to turn it off.

The fan’s power can be increased with the press of a button, and the highest setting is quite powerful, blowing out a lot of air. You can also activate the rotating function, which fans air back and forth at a 45-degree angle, creating better air circulation throughout the room.

Settings panel for Quietset fan

The Quiet Set fan also has a sleep timer that can be set for one, two, four, or eight hours. This is great if you want the fan to run while you sleep, but don’t want to have to remember to turn it off in the morning.

The fan also comes with a remote control, which allows you to control some of the basic settings from a distance. And since it’s a Honeywell product, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality device that is stable and reliable.

The Quiet Set fan is a little bit more expensive than a basic box fan, but it is well worth the cost for its quiet operation and features. If you’re looking for a fan that won’t disturb your sleep or your TV-viewing experience, this is a great choice.

Our only real complaint is that–because the fan is vertical–it’s also top-heavy. It’s easy for kids especially, to bump the fan and knock it over. That’s not a huge deal, but it helps if you position the fan near to a wall so it’s not standing vulnerable in the middle of the room.

Our Ratings

  • Noise Level: 5/5
  • Power: 5/5
  • Settings: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5

How We Tested it

Life Tech Shorts’ Editor-in-Chief Thomas Smith personally tested this fan in his home for 5+ years. He used in a living room to move in cold air from outdoors using a nearby window, and used it in his childrens’ rooms during heat waves.

In total, we’ve run the Honeywell Quietset Fan for over 100 hours, with no reliability issues.

It’s still there in Smith’s living room today!

Where to Buy

You can buy the Honeywell Quietset fan from Amazon at a great price.

Reviews from Our Readers

Our users have shared their reviews of the Honeywell Quietset fan by sending in comments and writing back to our YouTube channel.

Here is some of their feedback.

  • User TheTrainwell writes “Love the size and it fits perfectly in a corner but Fastly Cool the whole room. Really like how you can auto adjust how long you want the fan to be on. It is quiet but highly effective.”
  • User Pearl Jamz writes “I bought one for $60 but when I received it I got two fans. Gave the second one to my mom”
  • Lex Beltran writes “I ordered the white model instead. Won’t show fingerprints”
  • Brielle Castello writes “YOU NEED TO KNOW before you buy this expensive fan. There is a reason why it is quieter than most fans. It’s highest setting is less powerful than the lowest setting on any of my other fans. It is good for the bedroom when you need a whisper wind, but not in the living room during the day when everyone is hot and sweaty. We keep saying to each other “Turn up the fan!” and then saying “It is already all the way on high.” This fan will not relieve you on summer days.”


Does the Honeywell QuietSet tower fan cool a room?

Fans don’t directly cool the air in a room. Instead, they help you feel cooler by keeping the air moving, helping with your body’s own evaporative cooling. What we find works well is to position the Honeywell QuietSet fan near a window on a day when the outdoor air is cooler than the indoor air. The fan will move in cooler air from outside.

Can you leave a Honeywell fan on all night?

Ideally, you should use the sleep timer to shut the fan off once you’re asleep. While the fan can physically run for hours at a time, most authorities recommend not keeping appliances running when you can’t attend them.

Do Honeywell fans use a lot of electricity?

No. In our testing, this fan only consumes less than about 50 watts of power. It won’t cost much to operate.