Why Is Nespresso Machine Blinking?

Are you wondering why your Nespresso maker is blinking? Your Nespresso maker likely has at least one lighted button, and you might find that the buttons sometimes blink.

On most Nespresso models, the blinking indicates that the machine is warming up.

When you switch the unit on, the two lights that brew espresso are almost immediately illuminated, while the lights for the milk frother, which uses more heat and water, need more time to warm up and will blink until they are solid. This can take up to a minute.

Here’s a video that we made to demonstrate how the blinking looks, and to share more details about it.

There are some other reasons why your Nespresso maker might blink.

Descaling Mode

A common reason for a Nespresso machine to blink is because you mistakenly put it into “Descaling” mode. This special mode is used to clean the machine. If your lights are blinking rapidly and won’t stop, you may have entered this mode. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds and then release, and your machine should exit the mode.

You can also try a good old-fashioned power cycle–unplugging the machine and then plugging it back in again!

Holding the Nespresso buttons

Empty Water or Mis-Seated Tank

If you didn’t fill the water or you didn’t put the water container properly back on, it will try to brew without water and blink the lights to indicate a problem. To avoid blinking, ensure you have enough water and that the water tank is seated properly.

Already Brewing

If you press the button to brew, it will also blink while it is brewing your Nespresso, to show that you can’t start brewing again until you’ve finished making your first cup.


Most of the time, a blinking Nespresso machine is no problem. Just wait for the machine to warm up, and the lights should stop blinking. If they persist, check that the tank is full, descaling mode is off, a capsule is inserted, and the lever is fully down.

With all those things in place, the blinking should stop, and you return to making tasty espresso or tea!