What are Discs for in Dr Browns Bottles?

Have you ever seen the little disc that comes with a Dr. Brown’s bottle and wondered what it was for? Well, you’re not alone. When I first got my Dr Brown’s bottles, I had no idea what the disc was for. I assumed they were some kind of packing material, and threw them out!

After some research, I found out that the disc is actually for traveling with the bottle. It seals the bottle and prevents leaks when you’re on the go.

Here’s a video I made about the discs and how to insert/remove them.

The disc is meant to be removed before feeding your baby. The idea is that you can fill up the bottle with formula or milk and then insert the nipple and the ring. If you just put the lid on and then turn the bottle upside down, the liquid inside would leak out of the top.

However, if you insert the disc on top, it will block the inside of the bottle and prevent it from leaking. This is a great solution for shorter trips. You can also get a travel cap if you’re planning a longer journey.

That’s especially important if you’re flying with the bottles, since the discs really only prevent against accidental inversions. If TSA knocks your bottle bag over during screening, you’re going to want a more solid cap on it.

When you’re ready to use the bottle, you just remove the disc and put the lid back on. You can then put the nipple out and the bottle is ready for your baby.

Remove the disc before feeding, then reattach the bottle’s lid

So, if you were wondering what the disc in a Dr Brown’s bottle is for, now you know! It’s a great way to keep the bottle from leaking for those shorter trips.