How to Jumpstart Honda Odyssey

If you go to start up your Honda Odyssey and press the button, only to find that nothing is happening, you may be out of battery.

Likewise, if you try to start your minivan and you just get a clicking noise and some flashing lights on the dashboard, you might have the same issue. Don’t worry, though – this is an easy fix. We’ll show you how to jump-start your Odyssey in a few simple steps.

Gather Equipment

To jumpstart your Honda Odyssey, you’ll need one of the following:

  • Jumper cables and a friend’s car to attach them to
  • A portable battery-powered jumpstarter

The latter is the easiest thing to have for jumpstarting your vehicle. Hopefully, you already have one in your emergency kit. If not, we recommend getting this one for the next time your Odyssey’s battery dies.

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12/06/2023 04:32 am GMT

How to Jumpstart the Odyssey

First, you’ll need to pull the hood release, which is located by the floor on the driver’s side.

Pull the hood release

Next, carefully reach under the hood, making sure the engine’s hot parts don’t burn your hand. Pull the small release lever to allow the hood to open. Lift the hood, and use the vertical metal support to keep the hood open.

Then, locate the battery – it should have a positive terminal (red) and a negative terminal (black.)

Connect the positive jumper cable first. This can be from a friend’s car or your battery-powered jumper. Then, connect the negative cables to the battery. Now press the ignition button inside the car, and it should start right up.

Remove the jumper cables, close the hood, and you’re ready to go.

It’s a good idea to drive the car around for a bit to make sure the battery is fully charged.