How to Remove Swiffer Wetjet Cleaning Solution Bottle

Do you need to remove the cleaning solution bottle from your Swiffer WetJet? A lot of people struggle with this step. The Swiffer is designed to lock the bottle in securely, which can make it a pain to remove!

Luckily, the solution is easy once you know what it is.

Press the big Eject button

All you need to do is press the big eject button, which is located at the bottom of your Swiffer. As soon as the button is pressed, you will see the bottle pop right out, releasing the latch that is holding it in place. After the bottle is released, you can easily remove it and replace it with a new one.

Here’s a video showing exactly how to remove the bottle:

Whether you’re changing the surface you’re cleaning, or you’ve simply run out of solution, the eject button makes it easy to switch out your cleaning bottle. You can even switch bottles when you switch cleaning tasks.

For example, you could switch to a hardwood floor cleaning solution when you’re cleaning floors instead of cleaning you kitchen.

Want to switch out the cleaning solution for a DIY refill? Check out our guide to refilling your Swiffer wetjet, or making your own Swiffer cleaning solution.