Can You Use The Dyson V7 While Charging?

Dyson vacuums are known for their powerful suction and cordless design, but can you use the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner while charging it? That powerful motor means your V7 probably has terrible battery life–only about six minutes on the full power setting.

Plugging in while using the vacuum feels like a great way to extend that run time. But can you actually plug in your Dyson V7 while using it?

The answer is no, unfortunately. The amount of power the motor draws is too substantial for the V7’s modest charger to power it while it is in use.

Here’s a video that we made giving more details.

How You Should Charge Your Dyson V7

Again, the V7 has a battery life of six minutes on maximum suction, or about twenty minutes on the lower suction setting for spot cleaning around the house. The motor on the vacuum is extremely powerful, and the charger’s amperage simply isn’t high enough to supply its full needs during operation.

When not in use, it should be plugged in and charged for an hour or two to reach full power again. That way, the vacuum is ready the next time you need to use it.

Charge your Dyson V7 between uses, not while running it

While it won’t work as an infinite-running corded vacuum, it is more than enough for spot cleaning around the house.

Looking for a less-expensive alternative to the V7? I’ve also tested the Black and Decker Flex vacuum quite extensively. It’s similar to the V7, although the motor is less powerful. When my V7 eventually broke after several years of use, I replaced it with the Flex.