How to Light Burners on Weber Genesis II

Are you having trouble lighting your Weber Genesis 2 E310 Grill? Don’t worry, lots of people struggle with the exact process, especially when they first get their grill.

The Weber GS4 lighting system is designed to make lighting your grill easy, but it can be confusing to figure out the first time.

Here’s a video that I made demonstrating the process on my own Weber E310 (which is a great grill, by the way).

Weber Genesis Lighting Procedure

Before you begin, make sure the main valve on your propane cylinder or natural gas inlet is open.

To get started actually lighting the grill, you’ll need to turn the burner to the “light” setting. You’ll see a little lightning bolt symbol.

Then, press the lighting button and you’ll hear it click on and light the burner. Check that the burner is lit by looking for a bit of fire under the grill plates, or (carefully!) feeling for heat.

Feel for heat or look under the grill plates to ensure that the burner has lit

Lighting Multiple Burners

It’s important to note that you need to light each of the 3 burners on the Weber Genesis separately. On other Weber models, you would simply turn the next burner to “light” to light it.

However, with the E310, you need to repeat the above procedure–turning the burner to “Light” and the pressing the light button–for every burner individually.

You’ll need to light each burner individually

Once the burner is lit, you can adjust the grill on the right side. This is a really powerful ignition system, so you don’t have to worry about it taking a long time to light. Simply press the button and it will light up right away.

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What if It Doesn’t Spark?

If your grill doesn’t spark at all, your ignition system’s battery has probably run out. You can look under the grill, find the battery holder for the ignition system, and replace it.

If you keep trying to light the grill and it still won’t light, make sure not to leave the burner turned on, or gas will continue to flow. If you really can’t get it lit, call a qualified grill service company or Weber customer support at 1 (800) 446-1071.

Most likely, though, the instructions here will result in a lit and will-running grill.

Now that you know how to light your Weber Genesis 2 E310 Grill, you’re all set to get grilling! Enjoy!