Does Fitbit Charge 5 Work With iPhone?

Are you wondering if the Fitbit Charge 5 is compatible with the iPhone? The good news is that it is!

Fitbit uses Bluetooth technology, so it’s not a proprietary Apple product. To set it up, you’ll need to download the Fitbit app from the App Store.

Once you open the app, your data will sync from the watch to the iPhone. You can also go into the Settings in the Fitbit App (click your profile picture in the upper left) and choose the Charge 5. The app will tell you when it last synced, and you can change settings like the watch face, wallet settings, etc.

Fitbit Charge 5 app on the iPhone

I’ve never had any issues with the compatibility, and I think it even syncs a little better with my iPhone than with Android. That’s kind of ironic, since Fitbit is now a Google company!

Here is a video I made explaining how I use the Fitbit Charge 5 with my iPhone.

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