How to Change Height on Little Tikes Easyscore Basketball Hoop

The Little Tikes Easyscore Basketball hoop is a super fun, plastic basketball hoop that your kids can use in your backyard.

This isn’t a regulation hoop by any stretch of the imagination! It’s just designed to introduce your toddler or young child to the sport in a fun way.

The good news is that the hoop grows with your kid. Here’s how to adjust the height on the Little Tikes EasyScore.

Here is our video showing the process:

Changing the Height

First, pull up on the hoop a bit and you should see a small piece of plastic towards the base of the backboard start to pop out. Reach in with your finger and pull the piece all the way out.

Plastic latch on the EasyScore. Pull it out to unlock.

Now you can choose your desired height by sliding the hoop up and down. There are grooves you can lock into, with the lowest setting being just off the ground.

Making the Hoop Higher

If you want to make the hoop higher, simply adjust to the desired height. You’ll see grooves at varying heights. Each of these is a stopping point, and you can go all the way to the highest setting.

Grooves mark different heights you can set the hoop to

Once you’ve selected the height, push the plastic piece below the backboard back in so that it locks. This process takes only 10 seconds and can be done as part of a game with your kids.

By adjusting the height of the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Hoop, you can increase the difficulty for your kids as they get bigger. At the lowest height, even a toddler can dunk on it!