Asakuki Humidifier Unboxing

I recently unboxed the the Asakuki Humidifier – a product provided to me by Asakuki as a sponsor. Let’s get right into it!

Opening up the box, we come across a styrofoam top, and below that is the unit itself, wrapped in plastic. Taking the plastic off, we’re met with a sleek and streamlined design that’s capable of releasing a warm mist.

On the front of the unit, there are some instructions and controls, such as the ability to read the humidity level and adjust the mist level. To prepare the humidifier, it’s essential to first remove the pearl cotton that’s fixed with the float. It’s also important not to touch the heating plate when in use.

The humidifier is relatively easy to use. To start, simply fill the tank with distilled water and then place the interior piece back in, followed by the air outlets. There are some basic controls in the front that allow you to adjust the humidity level and mist level.

The Asakuki Humidifier is made to be both simple and efficient, and I look forward to trying it out! Thanks again to Asakuki for providing me with this product.