Contigo Huron Travel Mug Review; Keeps Coffee Hot for 4 Hours

I recently realized that–as an adult person with a thriving business and three kids–I should no longer be taking hot tea and coffee into the car in a ceramic mug, balanced precariously in the center console.

It was that insight that led me to buy the Contigo Huron travel mug.

This stylish and functional mug is perfect for road trips, morning commutes, or any time you need to keep your hot drinks like coffee or tea warm for up to four hours. The mug is designed to fit in most cup holders and is made with insulated material to keep your drinks hot.

Contigo Huron Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug
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09/22/2023 10:08 pm GMT

Using the Contigo Huron Mug

The lid of the mug is easy to screw on and off, and the sipping spout makes drinking your beverage easy and spill-proof. There is also a small opening on the top of the lid that can be opened when you want to sip, or closed when you want to make it leak-resistant.

The Contigo travel mug is great because it is tall and slim, making it easy to fit into cup holders. This makes it perfect for long trips, as you can enjoy a hot drink while driving without worrying about spills. The mug can also be used to store cold drinks, although it is best suited for hot drinks.

Whether you’re taking a road trip or simply going to work, the Contigo travel mug is the perfect way to keep your hot drinks warm. With its slim design and leak-proof lid, you can enjoy your drinks safely and conveniently.

No balanced coffee mug required!

Key Takeaways

  • Contigo travel mug is designed to fit in a car cup holder and keep hot liquids warm for up to four hours.
  • It has a thermos-style lid that creates a leak-resistant seal.
  • The mug has a sipping spout that can be opened or closed for air flow.
  • It is great for road trips and morning commutes.


What is the Contigo travel mug?

The Contigo travel mug is a tumbler style travel mug designed to fit in a cup holder and keep hot liquids warm for up to four hours.

Can I put cold liquids in the mug?

Yes, you can put cold liquids in the mug, but it is designed primarily for hot liquids.

Is it leak resistant?

Yes, the mug is leak resistant when the sipping spout is closed. However, a small amount of leakage may occur if the mug is knocked over.

Is the Contigo Huron dishwasher safe?

Yes, it’s top-rack dishwasher safe. I wouldn’t buy a hand wash only mug!