Unboxing the DEERC D20 Drone

We recently had the chance to unbox the Deerc D20 drone, an HD camera drone that is both affordable and compact. The box contained the drone itself, a remote controller, and two lithium ion batteries, each at 500 milliamp hours.

The controller was a nice surprise! We thought we would have to rely on our phones to control the drone, but it came with a separate controller. The joysticks will make for a much smoother flying experience.

The drone itself is tiny and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It is designed to fold up nicely, and it is surprisingly easy to deploy.

The two batteries are a great addition, as they will allow you to fly the drone for a much longer period of time. You can easily swap out the batteries when needed, so you won’t ever have to stop your fun.

The DEERC D20 drone is ready to take to the skies! All you have to do is power it up and you’re off!


What is included in the box?
A: The box includes a controller, the drone itself, a lithium ion battery, and a second battery. There are also some spare propellers that we didn’t show here.
Q: How big is the Dirk D20 drone?
A: The Dirk D20 drone is very small and compact, about the size of an adult’s hand.
Q: Is the battery removable?
A: Yes, the battery is removable and can be swapped out to allow for longer flying time.