How to Lock the Dekor Diaper pail; Keep Curious Hands Out

As any parent of young children knows, a diaper pail can be a tempting target for curious little hands.

Thankfully, the design of the Dekor diaper pail makes it easy to lock the flap door, keeping kids safe and giving parents peace of mind.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to lock the deck or diaper panel.

Step 1: Locate the Lock Wheel

The first step is to locate the lock wheel. It’s located just above the door inside the panel, and it clearly displays the word “lock”.

The Dekor lock wheel

Step 2: Turn the Lock Wheel

Once you’ve located the lock wheel, turn it counterclockwise about a quarter turn. This will lock the door and make it nearly impossible to push down.

I find that once you kid realizes they can’t play with the little flappy door, they usually stop trying. You might not even need to lock the door after a bit!

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Step 3: Unlock the Door for Adult Use

When an adult needs to use the diaper pail, simply turn the lock wheel clockwise a quarter turn and the door will open again, allowing you to drop diapers in.

To ensure the lock is in the correct position, align the arrow on the wheel with the arrow above it to lock, and turn clockwise to unlock.

Align the arrows to lock the pail

When to Lock the Pail

When you’re not actively using the diaper pail, we recommend that you keep it locked. This will prevent kids from reaching and touching the door, making it easier to keep it secure.

Just make sure to show other caretakers how to unlock it. Otherwise, they might think the pail is broken and throw diapers elsewhere!

Key Takeaways

  • The Dekor panel can be locked using a wheel just above the pail’s top door
  • The wheel needs to be turned a quarter turn counterclockwise to lock the door.
  • The wheel needs to be turned a quarter turn clockwise to unlock the door.
  • To ensure the lock is secure, the arrow on the wheel should be aligned with the arrow above.
  • It can be beneficial to keep the diaper pail locked when not in use.