How To Tell If Battery Is Lithium

If you love gadgets as much as we do, you may find yourself using a lot of gizmos that take button cell batteries.

Knowing the difference between lithium and alkaline batteries is important, as lithium batteries tend to last longer and there are regulations around shipping lithium batteries.

While it’s important to dispose of all batteries properly, there are also some extra considerations for disposing of lithium ones. For all those reasons, knowing how to tell lithium batteries from alkaline ones is crucial.

Fortunately, there is a standard code that can be used to tell the difference between lithium and alkaline batteries.

Lithium batteries are generally labeled with the code CR or the words “Lithium”, “LI-ION”, or “Lipo”. Alkaline batteries are labeled with the code LR or words like “Alkaline.”

The two-letter markings are common on button cells, and longer words are often found on bigger batteries.

If you ever want to check the chemistry of a button cell battery, look for the standard code – C R for lithium and L R for alkaline.

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How do I tell if a button cell battery is lithium or alkaline?

The standard code for a lithium battery is C R and for an alkaline battery it is L R.