Finding Studs and Electrical Wires with Craftsman Stud Finder/Laser Level

Finding studs in the wall can be a tricky task. I’ve been using the Craftsman stud finder and laser level to hunt them down. It’s helpful when hanging heavy pictures or installing a towel bar, as I recently did in my bathroom.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to use these tools to find studs and electrical wires in the wall.

Key Takeaways

  • The Craftsman Stud Detector is great for finding studs and electrical wires in walls
  • The stud detector can find the exact left and right edge of a stud
  • It will give a beep sound and a line when it is detecting a stud
  • The stud detector can also detect electrical wires in the wall
  • The stud detector is precise and allows you to place something on the wall exactly where you need it to be

Using the Stud Detector

To use the stud detector, we start by placing it on the wall and holding down the detector button. We then start to slowly move it across the wall. As we move it, we’ll see a converging set of lines and hear a beep when it finds the edge of a stud.

Once we find the stud, we can move it a little to the side. As long as we stay on the stud, we’ll be able to hear a little beep sound and we should be able to see the lines on the detector. The lines will disappear when we move off of the stud.

By moving slowly across a wall and seeing where the detector finds stud edges, we can locate the studs in our wall and use them for hanging items.

The detector will also indicate the location of electrical wires, which is a nice safety feature before you go drilling through your drywall.


Using a stud detector can be helpful for many tasks around the home. It’s a great tool for detecting studs in the wall, as well as finding any electrical wires that may be in the wall.

With the Craftsman stud detector, we can easily find the exact point of the edge of the stud, and be sure that whatever we’re hanging up on the wall is in the right place.

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