How to Reset Garage Door Opener Remotes

What should you do if you lose one of your garage door clickers, or it gets stolen? You don’t want some random person having access to your space.

Likewise, if you move into a new house or rental, you’ll want to clear our the codes for your garage door opener remotes. If someone out in the world has a paired remote, this will stop them from accessing your garage.

For most garage door openers, resetting the opener and all the remote codes is an easy process. Keep in mind that following these steps will remove all your remotes–you’ll have to pair them again if you want to use them with your opener.

Here is a video tutorial showing how we can reset a garage door opener.

How to Reset a Garage Door Opener

Here are the steps to reset your garage door opener.

Step 1: Finding the Learn Button

The first part of the process is to locate the Learn Button on your garage door opener. This is usually found on the back or side of the unit. It’s a big red, orange or yellow button.

For this tutorial, we’re looking at a Liftmaster opener.

Press that big orange button!

Step 2: Press the Learn Button for 6 Seconds

Once you have located the Learn Button, press it for 6 seconds. During this time, an indicator light will turn on.

If a six second press doesn’t reset your opener, try holding the button for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Release the Button

When the indicator light turns off, you can release the button. This will reset all the codes, and all your clickers/remotes will no longer work.

Check one of your remotes to confirm that it no longer opens the door.

Step 4: Re-Sync the Remotes

Finally, you will need to re-sync the remotes that were previously connected to your garage door opener. This will ensure that the door can be opened and closed using the remotes.

And that’s it! With just four simple steps, you can successfully reset your LiftMaster garage door opener. A similar process works for many other brands.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful and that you now feel more confident in resetting your garage door opener.

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Key Takeaways

  • If you want to reset all codes and remotes linked to a garage door opener, press and hold the “learn” button for 6 seconds.
  • A light indicator will turn on and off when the button is released, indicating the reset is complete.
  • All clickers will no longer work until they are synced again.

Video Transcript

If you have a garage door opener and you want to reset all your codes, kind of fully reset everything, maybe somebody stole your remote or you lost one and don’t want it out there in the world, or you know it’s tied to your car and you’re selling the car—just any reason you want to do a full, clean reset and clear out all the codes and all the remotes that are linked up to your garage door opener, it’s a pretty simple process.

So this is the LiftMaster, and what we’re going to do is find the learn button. You’re just going to want to press that in for six seconds, and a little indicator light in there is going to turn on. Then, when that light turns off, release the button again. That’s going to reset all of the codes.

When you do that, all of your clickers are not going to work anymore. It’s not going to cause the door to open and close—you have to sync those up again. But it’s good if you lost one or you know you just want to do a clean reset and start over, or give one to somebody you don’t want them having access again.

Hold that button down for six seconds—a little light will come on, a little indicator light. It depends on the unit, but at least on this one, an indicator light comes on. When the indicator light goes off, let go of the button. It’s all cleared out and you’re reset and ready to go.