Making Hummus With Terrifying Blades – Ninja Pro Blender Demo

Hummus is a popular and healthy snack enjoyed by people all around the world. Today, I’ll show you how to make your own hummus using a Ninja blender. I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see how it goes—but let’s get started!

Here’s my video so you can follow along!

The Setup

We’ll be using a Ninja blender for this recipe, which features a multi-level blade inside. It’s designed to chop and blend at every height, so you won’t have any issues with unblended ingredients stuck at the bottom. However, be warned that it can be dangerous when placed in the dishwasher, so remember it’s in there!

The Ninja blender’s blade kind of terrifies me


To make hummus, you’ll need chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and water. You can also add salt if you wish.

Step 1: Preparing the Chickpeas

First, drain your chickpeas, removing any excess liquid. Then, pour them into your blender.

Step 2: Adding Tahini

Next, we’ll add tahini—a sesame seed paste that gives hummus its signature flavor. The one I used required mixing one cup of water with one cup of tahini, but for this recipe, I only used half a cup. Pour the tahini into the blender with the chickpeas.

Step 3: Olive Oil and Water

Add a small amount of olive oil to the blender, eye-balling the appropriate amount. Then, add water as needed.

Step 4: Blending the Hummus

Now it’s time to blend! Put the lid on the blender and lock it into place, ensuring it’s safe and secure. For the Ninja blender, I chose the “smoothie” setting, which mixes the ingredients in a pulsing motion for an extended period of time.

Step 5: The Final Product

Once the hummus has reached your desired consistency, carefully remove the lid and the blade from the blender. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your homemade hummus!

In the name of science, I tasted the hummus and found it truly delicious. Add some salt if you prefer, and enjoy it with a pita chip or bread.


Not only is hummus a delicious snack, but it’s also easy to make at home with a Ninja blender. Despite its ice cream and smoothie settings, the blender does an excellent job of making hummus for you to enjoy.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Ninja blender has a multi-level blade to avoid having stuff stuck at the bottom.
  • The Ninja blender has a locking mechanism to ensure that stuff doesn’t go flying out.


Q: Does the blender have a setting for making hummus?
A: No, the blender does not have a specific setting for hummus. It may be possible to use the “smoothie” setting.

Video Transcript

Today, we’re gonna make some hummus with my Ninja blender here. I haven’t done this before, so we’ll see how it goes. But I like hummus and you like hummus, because everybody likes hummus. So, let’s make some hummus.

So here we’ve got our blender. It’s got this sort of terrifying multi-level blade inside of there, which kind of scares me, but also does a really good job of chopping and blending everything all the way up the blender. So, you don’t have that issue where stuff gets stuck at the bottom and it can’t kind of get to it. It’s just slicing at every height.

Putting this thing in the dishwasher is just terrifying. I have to remind myself it’s in there, because yeah, it looks like something out of like a horror movie. But it does a great job here in the blender of keeping everything moving in there.

So let’s pour in some chickpeas first, because that’s the base of any hummus. I’m gonna drain these a bit first. Not sure if this is necessary or not; it just feels like that probably shouldn’t be in our hummus. All right, and we’ve got our dramatic studio lighting now. We can see our blender a bit better. Let’s put this in.

And then, of course, tahini. I got this at Oakland Kosher—shout out to Oakland Kosher—but you can get tahini online. This is a paste here; it’s a sesame seed paste. Again, an important part of hummus. This one says to mix one cup of water with one cup of tahini. So, it’s a one-to-one ratio to reconstitute this. I’m gonna do like a half a cup of this. I don’t think I need a full cup in there. And then, we’ll add it in. This is liquid; I had no idea this was liquid. I just assumed it was a powder. But we’ll proceed as usual.

And it’s very appetizing when you’re filming cooking videos to have old pizza bagels in the background. Pro tip. All right, so here comes our tahini. Let’s get some water. Let’s get a gratuitous shot of a cute Bichon Frise. And then let’s put some olive oil in there as well. Not sure exactly how much; we’ll just sort of eyeball it. And then, we’re gonna put the lid on.

So, a cool thing with this, this locks into place. Now this ensures that this stuff isn’t gonna go flying out of the blender, which is nice. And then let’s go ahead and press this. And I’m gonna do, gosh, I have no idea. My options are apparently smoothie, ice crush, or ice cream. Can I press these things? No, I can’t. All right, we’re gonna call it a smoothie. So, let’s press this.

First, I’ll switch it on. Great, these are illuminated. Now I’m gonna go ahead and press that smoothie button. And it’s gonna do this pulsing, raising stuff up, lower it down again. And it does that for a shockingly long time.

All right, and we press the release button. Again, this is nice and secure. If it was a smoothie, like it’s thought it was, then you can pop this open and pour it out. I’m not gonna pour hummus out. It’s a little silly. We’re gonna close that. Press this guy that releases it, and then we can take this off. Just be super careful when you pour it out that the terrifying blade doesn’t hit you. In fact, let’s just remove that carefully.

Hey, it’s got hummus at the base. Pop this off of the Ninja blender, just a quick turn there. And Houston, we have hummus. Now, in the name of science, I tasted it. It is delicious. I put a little salt on it before eating it. And this is just a bit of what we made there. We made quite a lot of hummus with that blender. And obviously, we only filled it a little away. So if you want to make hummus for like 25 people, which, you know, of course, is something you run into a lot in life, you could probably do that with that blender very readily. Very cool blender.

I don’t know why it only has a smoothie setting and ice cream and stuff. I wish it would just let you switch it on. But whatever, maybe there’s a way to do that that I’m not aware of. And in any event, it makes good hummus. So there it is. Very tasty. Have it with a pita chip, just a pita in general.

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