Trebisky Wireless Game Buzzer Demo

Have you ever wished to bring the excitement and fun of a game show to your classroom or home? The Trebisky wireless buzzer system might just be the perfect tool to make that happen!

This interactive and easy-to-use game system can engage students, friends, and family members alike. In this blog post, we will explore the various features and functionality of this innovative wireless buzzer system and how it can be used to create memorable and engaging game show experiences. Heads up; Trebisky is one of our sponsors.

You can buy the buzzer system on Amazon.

What’s in the Box?

The Trebisky wireless buzzer system comes with a remote control and eight individual buzzers. The remote control is powered by batteries, which are thankfully included in the package. The buzzers are color-coded to make it easy to identify each player or team.

Setting Up Your Game Show

Setting up the game system is super simple. Start by turning on the remote control by holding down the power button for one second. You will then need to pair the buzzers with the remote control by pressing each buzzer in sequence – they will light up and show that they’re connecting.

After pairing all the buzzers, press the start button on the remote control to get your game show up and running!

How to Play

As the game show moderator, you will be responsible for asking questions and controlling the game flow using the remote control. To begin a new round, ask a question and press the start button on the remote control. This will turn all the buzzers green, indicating that they’re ready to be used.

Players can then buzz in with their answers by pressing their individual buzzers. The first person to buzz in will be identified by their buzzer lighting up and emitting a beeping sound.

At this point, all other buzzers will turn red. As the moderator, you can choose to accept or reject the player’s answer, and whether to continue the round or move on to the next question.

If a player answers incorrectly, you can press the continue button on the remote control to allow others the opportunity to buzz in and try to answer the question. Players who have already answered incorrectly will have their buzzers turned red, indicating that they cannot buzz in again for that question.

The game continues in this manner until the desired number of questions, rounds, or points have been reached. You, as the moderator, have complete control over the game and can easily monitor and manage the progress of each round.

Adding a Competitive Edge

The Trebisky wireless buzzer system also boasts some added features that make the game more enjoyable and competitive:

1. Mute button: If the beeping sound becomes too distracting, the remote control has a mute button to silence the buzzers.
2. Fast response time: The buzzers have a quick response time, allowing for fair gameplay even when multiple players buzz in simultaneously.
3. Numbered buzzers: Each buzzer has an assigned number, which is displayed on the remote control for easy identification.

Charging and Battery Life

The buzzers can be easily charged using the included USB cables. Connect the cables to the USB ports located on the back of the buzzers and plug them into a USB charger or your computer. Each cable can charge up to four buzzers at once, allowing for the entire set to be charged simultaneously.

Moreover, the remote control features a battery check button, which enables you to keep track of the battery life of each buzzer, ensuring that they never run out during a game.


The Trebisky wireless buzzer game system is an excellent addition to any classroom, game night, or family gathering. Its engaging gameplay, easy-to-use interface, and quick set-up make it perfect for teachers, parents, and game enthusiasts alike. Give it a try and bring the excitement and competitiveness of a game show right into your own space!

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Key Takeaways

  • The Tribisky wireless buzzer system is a great way to do a game show, trivia game, or quiz with friends, family, or students.
  • The system includes a remote and 8 individual buzzers. Turn on the power to pair the buzzers with the remote.
  • When the moderator starts the game, all the buzzers turn green and participants can buzz in. The first person to buzz in is the winner and their buzzer will beep and light up.
  • The moderator has control over the game and can determine who buzzed in and if the answer was correct or not.
  • The buzzers can be spread out and have a fast response time.
  • The buzzers can be recharged with USB cables.
  • The buzzers have color coding and numbers for clarity.


Q: How do I start a game using the buzzer system?
A: To start a game using the buzzer system, press the start button on the remote. All of the buzzers will light up and turn green, indicating that they can buzz in.

Q: What happens when someone buzzes in?
A: When someone buzzes in, their buzzer will light up and beep, and everyone else’s buzzers will turn red. The moderator can then determine if the answer was correct or not.

Q: Can I mute the beeping?
A: Yes, the remote has a mute button that can be used to mute the beeping.

Q: Can I recharge the buzzers?
A: Yes, the buzzers can be recharged using the USB ports and charging cables included with the system.

Video Transcript

Let’s take a look at the Trubisky Wireless Buzzer System. This is a really awesome little buzzer. If you want to do a game show, if you’re a teacher, or you want to do this with your kids, it’s super fun and really easy to use. So let’s go ahead. I’m going to take it out of the box and we’re going to take a look at how to use this to do your own little game show at home.

We’ve got a couple of components here. We’ve got the remote, and this does come with batteries which is great, always appreciated. And then we’ve got these little buzzers. We’ve got eight of these individual little buzzers.

The idea here is that you could play this, you know, as a trivia game. You give each team or each person who’s playing one of these buzzers. The first thing we’re going to do is just switch this on and connect these buzzers wirelessly so we can play our game show.

I’m going to hold down the power button here for one second. It’s going to set it up to pair these up. I’m going to press each of the buzzers in sequence. You can see they’re going to light up and show me that they’re connecting. Then I’m going to press the start button. You can see they all go green. It’s a little hard to see the color, but they all go green. It’s connected to the remote and we are ready to go with our game here.

Okay, so here’s how this is going to work. Imagine you give each of these, you give these buzzers to each of your friends or if you’re doing a trivia game or to your students or kids. Everybody or every team gets one of these buzzers. They’re all around the room because they’re wireless. These can be spread out, you can spread out in the living room, can be all over the classroom, whatever it might be.

Now you’re the moderator of this game. You’ve got this little remote and you ask the question to the group. You can see when we start, all of these are red. So nobody can press them. It’s not going to do anything. They can press it, but it’s not going to accomplish anything.

Now we’re going to go ahead and start to actually play the game here. So say I ask a question to the group like, you know, it could be anything. “Is the sky blue?” I’m going to press the start button here as the moderator of the game. And watch, as soon as I do that, everybody’s buzzers are going to turn green, showing that they can buzz in. So they’re all green and I buzz in quickly on the sky and I’m going to say, “The sky is blue. Yes, correct. The sky is blue.”

So the person here who buzzed in, you can see their buzzer is going to light up. It’s going to beep and show who it was. Everybody else’s are going to go red. And I can either say, “Yes, you got the answer right. Stop. They won the round,” or we can continue.

So again, I can control this all remotely. I see exactly who buzzed in. I can determine if they made the right answer or not. And only one of these buzzers can buzz in. And it’s very, very quick. It’s microseconds. So even if people hit the buttons at the exact same time, whoever hit it first, it’s going to be the one to buzz in. And it’s going to show me through that beeping and on there exactly what, who it was. And you can mute the beeping too, if you don’t want that, if it’s going to bother you, you know, in your classroom or whatever. There’s a mute button on the remote there.

So that person won that round. Now we could go on to the next round, press that button. As soon as we ask our next question, buttons go green again. Anybody can press, they can give their answer. And if they’re right, I can stop the round and say, “Great, you know, you won.” So I have complete control. They have control of these individual little buzzers.

Now say they got the question wrong and I want to continue the round. This is really cool. So these are all red. I say, “You know, is the sky blue?” And I press the button to go. Okay. Everybody’s green. We can buzz in. And this person says, “No, I think it’s green.” Well, of course they’re wrong. So I press the continue button on here. Now their buzzer is red. That means they can’t buzz in anymore. They got the question wrong, but everybody else has a chance now. And they can buzz in and say, “I think it’s purple.” Nope. That’s not right. Now their buzzer is red again as well. You can keep going until somebody gives the right answer. Then just press the stop button. It’s going to take you back to the next question.

So you’ve got complete control and see exactly who buzzed in. Everybody’s got these wireless, at least they can be spread out all around the room. Very, very fast response time. So, you know, whoever hit it definitely was the first one. Even if people really try to answer the question exactly the same time on there, and it’ll even give you, you can have numbers for these too.

So if you look at the back, obviously the beeping and the colored light on there tells you who buzzed in. But if you look here, there’s actually a number on here too. So this is number six, for example. And when they do buzz in, it’s actually going to display the number on the remote there too. So there’s no ambiguity, no question as to who buzzed in, who tried to give the answer on there.

Now, some other things that are great with this setup is you can plug these in. So these actually recharge. There’s some little USB ports. There’s a little thing on the back here. You should get two of these with the set. So, you know, between classes or games or whatever, you can plug each of these in and you’ve got a couple for each of these. It has a couple of different plugs. So we can plug all of these in at once to charge up and just plug it into any USB charger or your computer. Again, you can plug four into each of these. You get two cables. You can charge the whole set and be ready for the next game whenever you’re going to play the next time.

You can also check the battery level using the little battery button on here. So overall, really cool.

Thanks again. Trubisky is one of my sponsors. Really appreciate the sponsorship and sending this to me to check out. I think this is super fun. Again, imagine being a teacher, being a parent, trying to do a game, trying to do a game with friends at a game night, whatever it is. You