Northern Light 10k Lux Light Therapy Box Review

Are you struggling with the lack of sunlight during the long winter months? We’ve tested a bunch of light therapy boxes. Some use LEDs, some use bulbs.

The Northern Light 10K light therapy box is a good one. It simulates sunlight and provides you with a bright, natural light right in your own home or office. Let’s take a closer look at this device and how it can brighten up your workspace.

Keep in mind, we’re not doctors, we’re product reviewers. If you have any concerns with seasonality and your health, always check with a medical professional for the right tools to use.

Here’s our video review. You can buy this light on Amazon.

A Design that Suits Your Desk Space

The Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light is designed to fit in your workspace effortlessly. You can easily tuck it in next to your computer monitor, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the light while working on your computer.

The box itself is slim and sleek, making it blend seamlessly into your work environment. Its thin profile means it doesn’t take up too much valuable desk space, a feature that most people appreciate.

Powerful and Bright Illumination

Yikes, this thing is bright! Some light therapy lamps feel underpowered, but this one doesn’t seem to suffer from that issue.

The 10,000 Lux brightness of this box light is nothing short of impressive. This powerful light output is created using a tube rather than LEDs; the result is a bright, natural light that mimics sunlight. The box light features a diffusing plate that ensures the light is distributed evenly, providing maximum comfort for your eyes.

Warm and Inviting Light

Unlike some light boxes that emit a colder, blueish light, the Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light offers a warm and inviting light. This warm light creates a comfortable environment for anyone using it, making it a more enjoyable experience overall. The cozy light helps to relax your mind as you work, ensuring better productivity and focus.

Easy to Use and Versatile

Using the Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light is super simple – all you have to do is flip the switch, and it turns on, providing your workspace with the bright light you require.

It’s equally easy to switch it off. The box light also comes with a small stand that allows you to place it either horizontally or vertically, depending on the space available on your desk.

Overall, we really like this light. You can buy on Amazon.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light is a great way to simulate sunlight during the winter months.
  • This box is thin, with a light inside to create a super bright light.
  • It has a stand that allows it to be used on its side or upright.
  • It has a plate that diffuses the light and a switch to turn it on and off.
  • The light is of a warm color, rather than a bluish, colder light.


What is the Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light?
A: The Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light is a light that can simulate sunlight during winter months and is designed to be tucked in next to a computer monitor.
Q: Is the light LED or a tube?
A: The light is a tube, not an LED.
Q: Does it have a stand?
A: Yes, the light has a stand so that it can be laid on its side or stood upright.
Q: Is the light cold or warm in color?
A: The light is a warm color, not a bluish, colder light.
Q: How do you turn the light on and off?
A: The light has one switch to turn it on and off.

Video Transcript

This is a look at the Northern Lights 10,000 Lux box light. This is a really great light if you want to create or simulate sunlight during those winter months. I’ve got it tucked in next to my computer monitor here, which is the way I think a lot of people like to use this. When you’re sitting at the desk, you can get that light that bright, natural kind of light coming in here again, 10,000 Lux, which is a really good strong brightness.

The box itself is actually pretty thin. It’s got a light inside of there, creating that super bright light out the front. It’s not an LED, it’s some kind of a tube in there. It also has a little stand here, so you can lay it on its side or stand it up. There’s a nice plate that diffuses the light on there.

Using it is super simple. Just switch it on and it gets really bright. It has a nice kind of warm color to it rather than a bluish, colder light. Here I find you can tuck it in beside your monitor. If you have a little more desk space, you could stand it upright on the desk and get that nice bright light. Just one switch to turn it on and off. And it works really well.