Can You Brew K Cup More Than Once?

Have you ever wondered if you can brew more than one cup of tea or coffee with a Keurig K-cup? This question is quite common among tea lovers or coffee drinkers who use Keurig machines.

And if you don’t want to waste money on K-cups and are concerned about the environment, you might find this question intriguing.

Well, the answer is yes, but there are some simple steps and precautions you should take. In this blog post, we will tell you the right way to do it and how to avoid potential health hazards.

Here’s a video showing the process.

Things to Keep in Mind

While brewing the same K-cup more than once can give you two cups of tea or coffee, remember that the second cup won’t be as strong as the first one.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t wait a long time between brewings. It’s perfectly fine to brew a cup of tea or coffee and then immediately brew another one with the same K-cup.

However, if you leave it for more than an hour or two, you risk mold and bacteria growth in the K-cup. So, follow these steps for a quick back-to-back brewing and enjoy your tea!

Steps to Brew Two Cups of Tea with One K-Cup

1. Finish the first cup of tea: Make sure you’ve brewed the first cup of tea or coffee.

2. Open and close the brewer: To brew another cup from the same K-cup, you must first open and close the brewer. It may sound confusing, but this simple step tells your Keurig machine that it’s ready to brew another cup.

3. Add water: Refill the water reservoir at the back of the machine if it’s empty.

4. Brew a second cup: Press the button to start the brewing process, just as you’d do with a fresh K-cup.

5. Wait two minutes: Let the machine work for about two minutes before the tea or coffee is ready to drink.

6. Enjoy your second cup: The tea or coffee obtained after the second brewing will be a bit weaker than the first one, but it’s still refreshing and hot. Perfect for those who enjoy a milder tea taste.

Benefits of Brewing Two Cups with One K-Cup

1. Save money: Not having to replace the K-cup each time you want a cup of tea or coffee means you save money on new K-cups.

2. Eco-friendly: Reusing the K-cup means one less cup thrown away, contributing to a healthier environment.

3. Optimal brew for smaller cups: If you prefer smaller cups of tea or coffee, a second brewing would use the full capacity of the K-cup and give you the desired strength if you choose a smaller cup size.


Without a doubt, it’s possible to brew two cups of tea or coffee with one Keurig K-cup, as long as you follow the right steps and take necessary precautions. So, next time you crave a second cup of tea, give this method a try and enjoy the benefits it brings to both your wallet and the environment. Cheers to more cups of tea with less K-cup waste!

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Key Takeaways

  • You can brew the same Keurig K-cup more than once.
  • The second time around, the beverage won’t be as strong.
  • Do not leave the K-cup in between brews for extended periods of time, as it can start to grow mold and bacteria.
  • To brew a second cup from the same K-cup, open and close the brewer to tell it to start brewing again.
  • Brewing a smaller cup will use less of the capacity of the K-cup, and the beverage will stay hot.


Can you brew the same Keurig K-cup more than once?
A: Yes, you can brew the same Keurig K-cup more than once, although the second time around the tea will not be as strong. It is also important not to let the K-cup sit for too long before brewing again, as this can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold.
Q: What do you need to do before brewing the K-cup a second time?
A: Before brewing a K-cup a second time, you must open and close the brewer to tell it that it is ready to brew again. You then need to add water to the back of the brewer and press the button to start brewing.
Q: Is brewing a smaller amount of tea still possible with the same K-cup?
A: Yes, it is still possible to brew a smaller amount of tea with the same K-cup. Doing this allows the tea to stay hot and you can still get plenty of strength out of it.

Video Transcript

Im Tom from DIY Life Tech and this is an answer to the question of whether you can brew the same Keurig K-cup more than once. I’ve already brewed one set of tea with this K-cup. You can see in here that it’s already been pierced and the answer is yes, you can brew them more than once, keeping in mind a couple of things.

The second time around, it’s not going to be as strong and also you shouldn’t do this over a long period of time. It’s fine to brew a cup of tea, drink it, keep the K-cup in there, brew another one, but if you leave it for even more than an hour or two, you can start getting mold and bacteria and things growing in there. So this is something when you want to just do it one after the other, and not one where you want to let it sit around for any period of time.

But I often like to have a cup of tea and then have another one after it and it’s easy enough to do that. So imagine we’ve just finished making our cup of tea here. The first thing we have to do in order to brew another one from the same K-cup is to open and then close the brewer. This actually tells the brewer that it’s ready to start brewing again. Then we’ll put the water in the back of this and press the button just like we’re brewing a normal K-cup.

So here we go. Give it about two minutes like normal and we’ll see what the tea looks like. Here we go. It’s going to start brewing in just a second here and you can see we’re not getting as dark of a brew of the tea here. This is a chamomile tea, but we’re still definitely brewing even with that second time around in this K-cup. And there you go, a nice cup of tea, a little bit weaker than the first time around, but still refreshing and hot.

So the times that I really like to use this, I think, you know, for one thing, it saves a little money if you want to have a couple of cups of tea and you don’t want to use that K-cup, you know, keep replacing the K-cup. It’s a little bit more friendly for the environment too because you’re not throwing out two K-cups and you can still get your second cup of tea.

What I think is really nice too is if you’re going to brew a smaller amount of tea, it’s not really going to use all of the capacity of that K-cup. And so it’s fine to brew it again, you’re still going to get, you know, plenty of strength out of it. And that way this tea is going to stay hot. So, you know, make a smaller cup. If you’ve got something like the Keurig K-mini, like I do, you know, drink it, put some more water in, open and close the chamber to tell it, hey, I just put in a fake new K-cup, run it again, get a second cup out of there. And that way you’re going to always have that nice hot tea.

It’s certainly possible to run it twice with the same K-cup and get two good cups of tea out of it.