AeroGarden Magic: Effortlessly Transplant Your Plants Like a Pro!

Transferring a healthy and thriving plant from an AeroGarden to an outdoor garden can be a tricky process as it requires utmost care and attention. But worry not! This guide will take you through every step to ensure that your plant thrives after transplantation.

Gathering your transplanting tools, carefully removing the plant from the AeroGarden, then delicately replanting it in outdoor soil is only the beginning. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure maximum success.

Removing the Plant from the AeroGarden

The first step in transplanting a plant from your AeroGarden to your outdoor garden is carefully taking out the plant you want to transplant. To do this, gently grab the base of the plant, and slowly lift it out of the AeroGarden. As you continue pulling, you’ll see the root ball emerge from the AeroGarden. Be prepared to marvel at the impressive root ball that has formed!

Cutting the Pod

Next, you’ll want to use a pair of scissors and delicately cut off the pod to free the root ball from it. Remember to be gentle in this process as you don’t want to damage the roots of your plant. Start cutting from the top of the pod, and slowly work your way down. Once that’s done, you can remove the root ball and set it aside for transplantation.

Preparing the Outdoor Garden

Now that you have your plant ready, it’s time to prep the outdoor garden. Ensure that you have good potting soil for your plant, as it plays a vital role in the success of the transplantation.

When the outdoor garden is ready, dig a hole in the soil large enough for the root ball to fit. Make sure the hole isn’t too deep or too shallow, as this can cause issues with plant growth later on.

Replanting the Plant

With your hole ready, gently place your plant’s root ball into it. Carefully pour potting soil around the root ball and lightly press it down to ensure stability. It’s also advised to trim off any side bits of the plant that didn’t fare too well in the AeroGarden, as these can cause weakness in the plant later on.

Watering and Fertilizing

The final step in transplanting your plant is watering and fertilizing it properly. As soon as the plant is placed in the outdoor garden, water it thoroughly to ensure that the roots can establish themselves in their new environment.

Additionally, remember to fertilize the plant in accordance with its needs. If you’re unsure about what type of fertilizer to use or when to apply it, consult a gardening expert to ensure you give your plant the best chance at thriving in its new home.


Transplanting a plant from your AeroGarden to an outdoor garden may seem daunting at first, but following this guide will ensure your chances of success are much higher. Remember, patience and gentle care are key during the transplantation process. Good luck, and let your plants thrive!

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Key Takeaways

  • Gently pull the plant from the Aero Garden.
  • Use scissors to cut off the pod.
  • Dig a hole in the garden, using potting soil.
  • Trim off any side bits from the original plant.
  • Fertilize and water the plant immediately.


How do I transplant a plant from my aero garden to my outside garden?
A: To transplant a plant from your aero garden to your outside garden, gently pull out the plant, cut off the pod with scissors, dig a hole in the garden, place the plant in the potting soil, trim off any side bits, and fertilize and water to get the roots established in the soil.

Video Transcript

Let’s take a look at how to transplant a plant from your Aero Garden to your outside garden.

First, we’re going to take out the plant we want to transplant. Be very gentle, pull it out, and get the root ball out of the Aero Garden.

Next, we’re going to use scissors and cut off the pod. Be delicate, cut the top. Then, you can pull it open and take the root ball out of the pod.

Now, we’re going to dig a hole out in the garden. Make sure you have some good potting soil and place the plant in it. Add soil around the plant and trim off any side bits that weren’t doing so well in the Aero Garden.

Finally, we want to fertilize and water the plant as soon as it’s in the soil. Water it really well to get the roots established in the soil and it will do great.