Lutron Maestro Fan and Light Switch Review

This blog post will take you through a detailed look at my Lutron wall switch, a modern solution for controlling your ceiling fan and dimming your lights. I installed this sleek wall switch to replace an outdated 1980s switch that controlled the light on my ceiling fan and the fan itself. It’s well worth the investment, offering a combination of style, compatibility, and ease of installation.

Fancy Design and Functionality

The Lutron switch stands out with its clean appearance and designer feel. The top button on the wall switch controls the lights, offering a smooth fade up and down effect when pressed. This feature provides a more stylish and sophisticated touch compared to the traditional, abrupt on and off operation of other switches.

Compatibility with Multiple Light Bulbs

One of the advantages of this Lutron switch is its compatibility with a wide range of dimmable light bulbs, including LEDs, incandescents, and CFLs. This versatility allows you to use it with various types of lighting and ceilings fans, making it a valuable addition to your home.

Convenient Dimming Controls

The dimming control on the side of the Lutron switch allows you to adjust the level of light to your preference. The indicator on the switch clearly displays the current light level, making it easy to set the desired ambiance in the room.

Controls for Ceiling Fan Operation

The Lutron switch also has a built-in ceiling fan control at the bottom, enabling you to turn the fan on and off and adjust the speed as needed. In my experience, the lowest setting might not provide enough power for some fans, but you can easily increase the speed to your liking.

Simple Installation Process

Installing the Lutron wall switch was quite easy. After turning off the power at the breaker, I removed the old switch and followed the video guides available online to install the new one. If you feel uncomfortable with the installation process, it’s always best to consult with an electrician.

Final Thoughts on the Lutron Wall Switch

Overall, I am very happy with my Lutron switch. Its classy design adds a sophisticated touch to my home, and the convenience of dimming controls and ceiling fan operation make it an excellent upgrade from my outdated 1980s switch. Give your home a modern update with this stylish and functional Lutron wall switch.

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Our Ratings

  • Quality: 5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Compatibility: 5/5
  • Installation: 4/5
  • Functionality: 4/5

Pros and Cons


  • Fancy designer feel with the nice fade in and out when the switch is pressed
  • Compatible with dimmable LEDs, incandescents, and CFLs
  • Can control the dimming level and the fan speed
  • Easy to install
  • Provides an elegant and classy look


  • Lowest setting on the fan may not have enough power to move it

How We Tested it

To test this Lutron wall switch, the reviewer first shut off the power at the breaker, then removed their old switch and installed the new one. After installation, the reviewer tested the switch by pressing the button to control the light and fan, and adjusted the dimming and fan speed. The reviewer noted that the light faded in and out nicely and the fan had enough power to spin faster on the higher settings.

Key Takeaways

  • The Lutron wall switch replaces both a light switch and fan switch
  • It is compatible with many types of lights, including dimmable LEDs and incandescents
  • Installing the switch is relatively easy and can be done with a few simple steps
  • The switch adds a nice, designer look to the room and allows for dimming and fan speed control


What is the Lutron wall switch?
A: The Lutron wall switch is a fancy wall switch that can be used to replace an old 1980s switch that controls a ceiling fan and its light.
Q: What kind of lighting is compatible with the switch?
A: The switch is compatible with dimmable LEDs, incandescents, and CFLs.
Q: How easy is it to install?
A: Installation is simple and there are video guides available to follow. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always get an electrician to do the installation for you.
Q: What features does the switch have?
A: The switch has a button to control the lights with a nice fade in and out effect, as well as a button to control the ceiling fan and its speed. It also has an indicator to show the exact level of light.
Q: What is the benefit of the switch?
A: The switch provides a more designer feel with its fade in and out effect, and it also allows you to adjust the dimness or brightness of the light and the speed of the fan.

Video Transcript

This is a look at my Lutron wall switch. It’s a really fancy replacement for the old 1980s switch that controlled the light and fan on my ceiling. This switch combines both functions. You can see the top button controls the lights, with a nice fade up and down. It’s compatible with dimmable LEDs, incandescents, and CFLs. The bottom button controls the ceiling fan, with adjustable power.

Installing this was simple. I shut off the power at the breaker, removed the old switch, and followed some video guides. I love the look and feel of the fade in and out, and the ability to adjust the fan speed and light brightness. Overall, I’m very happy with this switch and excited to have one that isn’t faded and worn out like the original.