How to Inflate Tires on Honda Odyssey, Fix Tire Warning Light Issue


Properly inflated tires on your Honda Odyssey are essential for a smooth and safe ride. Low tire pressure can impact your vehicle’s stability, decrease your fuel efficiency, and even lead to tire failure. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of inflating the tires on your Honda Odyssey step-by-step.

Here’s my video about it.

Locate the Valve and Prepare the Air Hose

To begin, locate the valve on the tire that needs to be inflated. Remove the valve cover and set it aside for now.

Next, you’ll need to find an air source, such as a gas station air pump. Once you’ve found an air pump, ensure it is working by pressing the button to initiate the air flow. Before attaching the air hose to the tire, give it a quick burst of air to clear out any condensation that may be present. You may see a little bit of water come out, which is normal.

Attach Air Hose to Tire and Inflate

Now, bring the air hose over to the tire and seat it securely on the Schrader valve. Hold the hose in place while inflating the tire. A helpful feature on the Honda Odyssey is the tire pressure notification system: as you approach the recommended tire pressure, a beep and a flash on the turn signal will let you know you’re almost there. When you’ve reached the proper tire pressure, the beeping will become more rapid.

Once you’ve reached the recommended tire pressure, remove the air hose from the valve and replace the valve cover, ensuring it’s properly secured.

Check Tire Pressure Indicator

After inflating the tire, return the air hose to its designated location and head back to your vehicle. Start the engine and check for any tire pressure indicator lights on your dashboard. If you properly inflated your tire, the indicator light should no longer be illuminated.

Confirm Tire Pressure in Trip Computer

To double-check the tire pressure, you can take a look at the trip computer on your Honda Odyssey. Press the ‘Home’ button on the steering wheel and navigate to the ‘Maintenance’ menu. From there, select ‘Tire Pressure’ to view the pressure levels of all tires. You should see that the tire pressure values are within the acceptable range and highlighted in green.


With the tire pressure back to its recommended level, your Honda Odyssey should be ready for a smooth and safe journey. Remember to check your tire pressure regularly, as maintaining proper tire inflation is crucial for overall vehicle performance and safety.

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Key Takeaways

  • Clear out any condensation in the air hose before attaching it to the tire
  • The Honda Odyssey has a beeping and flashing turn signal to notify you when the target tire pressure is reached
  • Make sure to replace the valve cover after inflating the tire
  • Check the tire pressure levels in the trip computer


How do I put more air in the tire of my Honda Odyssey?
A: First, open the valve on the tire. You can then use an air pump to fill the tire up with air. Make sure to hold the pump in place and use your other hand to get an angle on the tire. The Odyssey will beep and flash its turn signal when the tire reaches the set point. Finally, put the valve cover back on and check the tire pressure indicator.
Q: Is there a way to check if the tire pressure is correct?
A: Yes, you can check the tire pressure by navigating to the maintenance section in the trip computer. If the tire pressure is in the green, then you know it is correct.

Video Transcript

Let’s take a look at how to put more air into the tire on your Honda Odyssey. I’m going to go ahead and open the valve on the tire here – it’s a little bit low. I’m going to get my air thing here at the gas station, press the button to get it started. Hopefully this is going to work. Yep, looks good. I’m going to give it a burst just to clear out any condensation in there. You can see a little bit came out.

Now, I’m going to bring it over to the tire. I’m going to get that seated on the Schrader valve there. Again, you can see were getting a little bit of water coming out. I’m going to hold it in place and then use my other hand to get an angle on that.

A cool feature on the Odyssey is that it will beep and flash a turn signal to let you know when you reach the set point. When you get there, it will start to beep quickly.

I’m going to put the valve cover back on there to make sure it’s nicely protected. Now, let’s take a look and see if the tire pressure indicator has gone off. Yep, we still have a maintenance indicator, but no more tire pressure indicator lights. So, we’re all good to go.

I’m going to go into the trip computer on here if I want and navigate to maintenance, then tire pressure. We see that we’re all green, although I didn’t get it quite up to the 35 on the others. We’re back in the green and good to go.