How to Install Filtrete Clean Living Basic Dust Furnace Filter


Indoor air quality is essential for a healthy and comfortable home, especially when it comes to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. A crucial component in maintaining good air quality is a clean and efficient filter. In this guide, we will show you how to easily install the Filtrate Clean Living Basic Dust Filter for your home’s furnace or air conditioner.

Locate the Correct Air Intake Register

Before you begin the installation process, find the air intake register for your HVAC system. This is typically the same size as your filter and is responsible for taking in air. Air intake registers can often be located on the wall, ceiling, or floor. To test whether it is the correct one, feel for the absence of blowing air and confirm that it is pulling air into the system.

Remove Your Existing Filter

Once you have located your air intake register, undo any latches and open the cover to expose your existing filter. If it is visibly dirty or has not been changed in the last three months, it is time for a replacement. Gently remove your current filter and dispose of it properly.

Prepare Your New Filtrate Clean Living Basic Dust Filter

With the filter compartment exposed, it is time to install your new Filtrate Clean Living Basic Dust Filter. Firstly, inspect the filter and find the arrows indicating the direction of the airflow. The arrows should point towards the inside of the HVAC system, showing the direction of air intake.

Install the New Filter in the Correct Direction

Making sure the arrows are correctly aligned, place your new filter into the grooves found in the filter compartment. It should fit perfectly when positioned the right way. Double-check the arrows’ direction and ensure the filter is installed correctly to optimize its efficiency.

Secure Your Filter in Place

Once your filter is inserted correctly, close the air intake register cover and lock any latches to secure it in place. Give it a light tug to ensure that it will not accidentally fall open. Your Filtrate Clean Living Basic Dust Filter is now successfully installed.


By following these simple steps to install your Filtrate Clean Living Basic Dust Filter, you can enjoy improved air quality and a more efficient HVAC system. Remember to inspect and replace your filters every three months for optimal performance and a healthy home environment.

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Key Takeaways

  • Change your filter every three months.
  • Find the air intake register for your system.
  • Open the latches and pop the cover open.
  • Align the filter with the airflow pointing into the unit.
  • Test to make sure the filter is secure.


How often should I change my Filtrate Filter?
A: You should change your Filtrate Filter every three months.
Q: How do I know which side of the filter is the air intake?
A: The air intake side of the filter will have an arrow pointing towards it and the words “airflow” printed on it.
Q: What do I need to do to install the filter?
A: To install the filter, you will need to locate the air intake register, remove the existing filter, align the Filtrate Filter in the grooves, and close the register back up.

Video Transcript

Tom from DIY Life Tech here to show you how to install the Filtrate Clean Living Basic Dust Filter for your home’s furnace or air conditioner. Installation is super simple.

First, you’ll need to find the air intake register for your system. They are usually the same size as the filter, and you can tell it’s a pull, not a blow, by feeling with your hand. Mine is horizontal on the wall and has little latches to open it.

I’m going to pop the cover open and remove the existing filter. You should replace your filter every three months, as this will get caked in dust over time.

Now, I’ve got a big exposed piece on the inside of the register, which is where the air is flowing into my HVAC system. I’m taking my Filtrate Filter and looking around the outside to make sure airflow is pointing into the unit. I’m flipping the filter around and aligning it in the grooves before popping it in.

The filter should fit perfectly. I’m covering up the space and closing the register back up. I’m giving it a little push to click it in, and then putting the locks back on.

Finally, I’m testing to make sure the filter won’t fall open. That’s it – the filter is installed and I’m good for another three months of filtration. A really simple install process and a really good quality filter.