How to Add Plant Food on Aerogarden Harvest Elite


The AeroGarden Harvest Elite has become quite popular for those looking to grow their own plants indoors throughout the year. The process of tending to your plants and providing them with the necessary nutrients is made easy through this smart grower.

In this blog post, we will answer the question of how you add more plant food to your AeroGarden Harvest Elite, ensuring your plants grow healthy and beautiful!

Understand When Your AeroGarden Needs More Plant Food

First, it’s essential to know when it’s time to add more plant food to your AeroGarden. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite comes equipped with a display that notifies you when it’s time to do so. It will say “add plant food,” and the plant button will blink red, indicating it’s time to nourish your plants.

Prepare the Liquid Plant Food

Next, you’ll need your liquid plant food. Check the back of the bottle to see the amount you need to add for your AeroGarden model. For example, with the six-pod AeroGarden Harvest Elite, you’ll need to add two capfuls every two weeks. Make sure to shake the plant food bottle before pouring, as the contents may settle.

Add Plant Food to Your AeroGarden

1. Open the small compartment on the top of your AeroGarden to access the water reservoir.
2. Measure out the appropriate amount of plant food using the cap from the bottle. In our example, we will be adding two capfuls.
3. Pour each capful of plant food directly into the water. Be careful not to spill any on the AeroGarden or surrounding countertop.
4. Clean up any spills immediately, then recap the plant food bottle tightly.
5. Replace the cover on the water reservoir. This step is essential, as leaving it off can lead to algae growth.

Reset and Track the Plant Food Timer

Now that you’ve added the plant food to your AeroGarden, you need to reset the timer. Press the blinking red plant button; it will turn green, indicating plant food has been added and the timer has reset. You will now see a 14-day countdown on the display.

Upon resetting the timer, you’ll also hear the pump activating. This action circulates the plant food throughout the water reservoir and ensures it’s properly delivered to all the plant roots.


And that’s it! Adding plant food to your AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a simple process, but it’s crucial to ensure your plants continue to thrive. Following these steps and keeping track of the timer will keep your indoor garden healthy and beautiful throughout the year. As a final suggestion, we recommend washing your hands after handling the plant food, just to be on the safe side. Happy gardening!

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Key Takeaways

  • When the display on the AeroGarden Harvest Elite says “Add Plant Food” and is blinking red, it is time to add more food.
  • For a six pod AeroGarden, two capfuls of liquid plant food should be added every two weeks.
  • Open the compartment to the water reservoir to add the plant food.
  • Shake the plant food and pour two capfuls into the water.
  • Clean up any spills and make sure to put the cover back on.
  • Press the blinking red “Plant” button to turn it green and reset the timer.
  • Wash hands after adding the plant food.


How do I add more plant food to my AeroGarden Harvest Elite?
A: To add more plant food to your AeroGarden Harvest Elite, open the water reservoir and add two capfuls of the liquid plant food. Shake the container before adding it to the water. Clean up any spills and then press the blinking red plant button. The pump will circulate the food around the roots of the plants and the timer will reset for 14 days.

Video Transcript

Tom from DIY Life Tech here to answer the question of how to add more plant food to your AeroGarden Harvest Elite.

I’ve got my Harvest Elite here. You can see I’ve got some plants starting to grow and the little display down here will tell you when it’s time to add more of the plant food. It says “Add Plant Food” and the button is blinking red.

We want to bring out our liquid plant food. The back of the container will show us the amount we need to add – two capfuls every two weeks.

First, we open the little compartment to get into the water reservoir, then shake up the plant food. I’m pouring one capful straight into the water. Another capful straight in. I clean up any drops that spilled and the side of the container. Then we put the cover back on to avoid algae growth.

We press the blinking red plant button. It turns green and says “Plant Food Added”. The timer is reset to 14 days and the pump is activated to circulate the food around and quickly deliver it to all the roots of the plants.

Afterwards, I like to wash my hands. This should be just nutrients for the plants, but it’s still better to be safe.

That’s all we have to do to feed our AeroGarden Harvest Elite.