When To Remove Aerogarden Grow Domes

If you’re an indoor gardening enthusiast, you probably have come across or even started using an AeroGarden. These hydroponic gardens are fantastic for growing various plants indoors, without the need for soil. One of the critical steps in the AeroGarden process is using the grow domes, which act as mini greenhouses to ensure proper seed germination. But when do you actually remove these grow domes? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the answer to your question and help you with your indoor gardening adventure using an AeroGarden.

The Purpose of Grow Domes in AeroGardens

First off, let’s understand the role that grow domes play. In the initial stages of planting seeds in an AeroGarden, you place grow domes on top of the pods. These domes essentially act as little greenhouses, helping maintain warmth and humidity for the seeds to germinate effectively. They provide an ideal environment for the new seedlings to sprout and thrive.

However, we all know plants can’t grow with the domes over them forever. So, when is it time to remove them and allow your plants to grow unobstructed?

The Perfect Time To Remove Grow Domes

The best time to remove the grow domes is when your plants begin to reach the top of the dome, touching or nearly touching the plastic. At this point, the plant would start feeling constrained, and it’s time to give it the freedom to grow further without any restrictions.

As your plants grow and begin to push against the top of the dome, gently remove the grow domes to avoid damaging the seedlings. Remember, timing is crucial – just like with other aspects of gardening. When the plant reaches the top of the dome, it’s a sign that it’s robust enough to survive without the additional humidity and warmth provided by the dome.

Monitoring Your AeroGarden for Best Results

The key to a thriving AeroGarden is close monitoring and taking appropriate steps to help your plants flourish. Keep an eye on the growth of your plants, and always ensure that you’re removing the grow domes at the right time. Late or early removal can result in stunted growth or overall plant weakness.

In addition to timely dome removal, also pay attention to aspects like proper lighting, water, and appropriate nutrients. Following instructions and best practices for AeroGardening will help you see impressive results and enjoy fresh, home-grown herbs, vegetables, or plants right in the comfort of your living space.


AeroGarden provides indoor gardeners a fantastic platform to plant and grow seeds hydroponically. Proper care and attention are essential to maintaining and achieving a thriving AeroGarden. Grow domes play a crucial role in supporting new seed germination but should be removed as soon as plants start to bump against the top. By following these guidelines and monitoring your plants, your AeroGarden can become a source of great joy and satisfaction as you experience the joy of gardening right inside your home. Happy gardening!

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Key Takeaways

  • Grow domes act like a mini greenhouse to help a seed germinate.
  • Remove the grow domes when the plant starts to hit the top.