Unboxing XTool D1 Pro Laser Cutter


Welcome to this close look at the new X-Tool D1 ProGrade laser cutter. I’m Thomas Smith, and today I’m going to unbox and explore this fantastic home laser cutter you can use to create all kinds of exciting crafts projects. X-Tool was kind enough to send me this laser cutter to test out, so thank you for that!

I’ve been researching this model extensively, and I’m excited to share this unboxing experience, its components and the possibilities this machine can bring to the world of crafting.

Unboxing the Laser Cutter

Upon opening the main box, we find a well-protected laser cutter, enclosed in another box and surrounded by foam. The cutter is quite heavy, with a solid build indicating good quality materials.

Inside, there’s another box, which appears to contain some manuals or instructions. We’ll dig into those later. For now, let’s take out the main components of the laser cutter. There seems to be some assembly required, but all the pieces and hardware are present.

Examining the Components

Removing the different pieces from the foam packaging, we find individual components that feel solid and well-built. The metal materials appear to be aluminum, with stepper motors in place for controlling the laser cutter’s movements.

Additionally, we have a hefty power brick, some belts, and cables. The setup doesn’t seem too challenging, and all the parts are nicely packed in foam, providing excellent protection during shipping.

Discovering the Laser and Accessories

In one of the compartments, we find the laser itself – the heart of the device. Encased in an anti-static bag, the Class 4 laser appears powerful, and I can’t wait to try it out. Handling the laser with care is essential, so be sure to ground yourself by touching a metal surface before removing it from the bag.

Next, we have another small compartment containing protective goggles—an important safety measure when working with lasers. We also find all the necessary screws, washers, and components needed for assembly.


Overall, the X-Tool D1 ProGrade Laser Cutter appears well-built and high-quality, featuring nicely machined components. Although it does require some assembly, the process should be straightforward, and all the required parts and hardware are included.

I’d like to extend a big thank-you to X-Tool for sending me this laser cutter to test out. I’m very excited to build and experiment with this product, exploring all the creative possibilities it can unlock in the world of crafting. Stay tuned for future updates on my experience with the X-Tool D1 ProGrade Laser Cutter!

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Key Takeaways

  • The X-Tool D1 ProGrade Laser Cutter is a home laser cutter suitable for crafts projects.
  • The laser cutter is composed of several metal components and a Class 4 laser.
  • The laser cutter requires assembly, which includes attaching stepper motors and belts.
  • The laser cutter comes with safety goggles and other components such as screws and washers.
  • The components of the laser cutter are well-machined and high quality.