Air Purifier STRESS TEST: 2 Weeks Of Chicken Dust, Vewior Purifier


I recently decided to really put the Vewior Air Purifier through its paces in a real-world stress test. In this experiment, I placed the air purifier near a cage where I had some baby chickens. Chickens are notorious for producing tons of dust, making this the perfect challenge to test the efficiency of the purifier.

Let’s see how the Vewior Air Purifier performed in cleaning up the air and ensuring a healthier living environment.

The Test Set-Up

The Vewior Air Purifier was placed near Tom’s cage of baby chickens for about two weeks. Notoriously dusty, chickens produce a combination of feathers, shavings, and other debris, which visibly accumulated on the purifier’s surface during the test period.

Analysis: The Air Intake

Upon inspecting the device, Tom discovered feathers stuck in the air intake located at the back of the purifier. This indicated that the Vewior Air Purifier was actively pulling in debris from the air, capturing it effectively.

Analysis: The Filter

To examine the filter and its ability to capture and contain chicken dust, Tom carefully opened the bottom of the purifier. The filter, as expected, was covered in chicken dust, showcasing the impressive capability of the Vewior Air Purifier’s HEPA filter. The pleats inside the filter also contained trapped dust particles, demonstrating its efficiency.

However, as Tom inspected the inside portion of the filter, he found minimal dust trapped there, indicating that the filter was doing its job at trapping and holding the dust effectively.

Analysis: The Fan

A closer look at the fan inside the filter revealed almost no dust at all, indicating that the Vewior Air Purifier was not simply blowing dust back out into the room but genuinely cleaning it out from the air.

Conclusion: Dust Conquered by the Vewior Air Purifier

Despite putting the air purifier through an extraordinary challenge with the baby chickens, the Vewior Air Purifier demonstrated impressive efficiency in capturing and containing debris and dust particles in the air, protecting the fan and ensuring a cleaner room.

Although most users may not have a room filled with chickens, this real-world stress test proves that the Vewior Air Purifier can efficiently handle everyday dust and pet dander, making it an excellent choice for those looking for cleaner, healthier air in their homes.

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