Nest Thermostat Fan Schedule; How to Set it Up


In this blog post, we will cover how to create a fan schedule on your Nest thermostat. This can help save money, particularly in homes with multiple levels or sections where temperatures vary, by simply circulating air without needing to run the air conditioner or heat constantly.

A fan schedule can also keep the house feeling more comfortable by preventing any areas from becoming too hot or cold.

Here’s a video showing the process:

Manually Turning On the Fan

To turn on the fan manually for a short period, go to the thermostat interface and select the “fan” option. This will allow you to turn the fan on for a short amount of time without creating a set schedule.

Creating a Fan Schedule

To create a fan schedule that will run at specific times during the day, follow these steps:

  1. On the Nest thermostat, go to the “settings” option.
  2. Select “fan schedule.”
  3. Choose “always” if you want the fan to run continuously or “schedule” for specific time periods.
  4. Select the start time and end time for when you want the fan to run, and then select “set.”

One possible approach could be to have the fan run every night at 9 PM for an hour, ensuring that the temperature in bedrooms and other parts of the house remains consistent, particularly if you have an upstairs bedroom that may get warmer during the summer.

This can lead to cost savings on air conditioning and keep the house from feeling too stuffy by continually circulating the air.


Creating a fan schedule on your Nest thermostat can help to circulate air throughout your home, resulting in a more comfortable living environment and potentially saving money on heating and air conditioning costs.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can save money on air conditioning by having the fan run for a short period of time.
  • You can set a fan schedule in your Nest thermostat.
  • Having the fan run at particular times of the day can help make sure your bedroom and the rest of the house are at a consistent temperature.
  • Circulating the air can help reduce stuffiness and ultimately save you money on air conditioning.